of indecision!

You know how it is, when something is so great (like an awesome book, or fabulous movie, or satisfying knitting project), the next thing you read, see, or knit has big shoes to fill, and try as you might to love the new book, movie, project to death, they do not, through no fault of their own, stand up to the challenge.

So I find myself at the (almost) end of Janathon on the hunt for three rebounds: a book, a knitting project, and running goal. In the true spirit of being a rebound, none of these things can be awesome.  They just have to tide me over until my heart and mind is ready to find awesome again.

The book hunt is slightly premature.  I’m not quite finished with The Goldfinch, and let me tell you, I haven’t felt this way about a book since A Suitable Boy.  It took me nearly a year to get over A Suitable Boy.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, I read after that was enjoyable.  I’ve got some really good books in my queue, but I can’t read any of those after The Goldfinch.  It wouldn’t be fair.

Warriston has been off the needles for over a week.  It’s been so cold, I’ve worn it (almost) daily. I love it to death.  The yarn was a treat to work with. The pattern was not a challenge, but not a bore. The resulting sweater fits well and best of all, was completed in the season it was intended for! Up next?  I had thought about Oshima. But the yarn I (impulsively) bought for it doesn’t seem right–it’s too soft.  After a few gauge swatches, I think it will be better suited for something else, and Oshima, if it’s to be another Warriston, deserves the proper yarn.  Which is spendy. Which means I have to save up. Which means I need a rebound project to keep my fingers busy, but not anything I have to devote any energy (or math skills) to.  I think knitting may take the backseat to sewing for the rebound:


This is the fabric (the grellow floral–the plain mustard fabric is actually my skirt) I’ve chosen for Stella. This shouldn’t be too difficult.  The perfect rebound/interlude.

And then Janathon! February is the perfect rebound month. There’s nothing it can do to measure up to January.  It won’t snow nearly as often. It will not be 7F every morning. Yes, there is the Superbowl (conveniently in my backyard this year), the Olympics, Valentines, and Thing 2’s birthday, but all of that only serves to distract me from my training–not add to it!  But with the Shamrock HM coming up in March, I don’t need distractions, I need another Janathon!

Rebound suggestions, por favor!

Today’s Janathon activity: 6 miles at 6am in 6F temps and (what felt like) 6 layers of clothing, completed in 60 minutes (and 56 seconds).


  1. Have you read Night Film? I didn’t think it was the most well written book when I first started it, but then I couldn’t put it down. And I am sure you have already read it, but one of my favorite books of all time is Stones from the River.

  2. We are reading the Goldfinch for book club in February, can’t wait! Absolutely love Warriston – am going to knit it for sure

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