And on the 31st day of Janathon…

she rested.

Sort of.

My training plan called for a rest day, but I did do my typical strengthening exercises.  Yesterday I got my Runner’s World magazine which highlighted this article on running injuries.  The center highlighted in the article is just an (uninjured) hop, skip and jump for me, providing my governor keeps his hands off the tunnel. It’s a little spendy, but given my injury history, it might be worth it.  Anyways, after reading the article, I am even more intent on getting stronger so that I can keep at this hobby even longer.

But the “rest” day is welcomed–there’s a frenzied atmosphere in our parts, with the Superbowl and Chinese New Year mixing it up with a local fundraiser and a running club hosted breakfast run.

Although Chinese New Year is typically on my radar, I was surprised to see that it’s Year of the Horse.  That’s my year.  However, I’m a special Year of the Horse, as I’m a Fire Horse.  This is probably the Worst. Ever. zodiac sign for girls.  Something about Fire Horse girls cause families immeasurable travesty and wreak havoc on just about everything.  I remember eating at a Chinese restaurant when I was really small, finding my Chinese zodiac animal on the placemat, and being happy and proud that I was a Horse, as opposed to my siblings’ Monkey, Dog and Rat. But then in high school, two friends and I had gotten into a bit of a mess at the one friend’s house.  When her mother, who was well-versed in all things Chinese, discovered the mayhem, she remarked “and now I know why the Chinese left all their ‘born in 1966 daughters’ on mountaintops to die.” (apparently, not only in China)

Even thought this is not a fire horse year (we will be spared from that until 2026) predictions seem rough: (from The Independent)


 It will be a fast year full of conflicts according to some astrologers, who see wood as providing fuel for the energetic horse sign. The later part of the year is “yin fire”, increasing the potential for heated clashes even more. Feng shui practitioner Raymond Lo told Reuters: “The upcoming Horse year is also a ‘yang wood’ year, when people will stick more to their principles and stand firm. So it is hard to negotiate or compromise as there are more tendencies for people to fight for their ideals.”


If you have a business involving wood or fire you will do well, according to Canadian Feng Shui expert Paul Ng. This includes lumber companies, agriculture and media companies. Property companies won’t do as well and as the horse is a galloper, the potential is for the prices to gallop downwards over the first six months. However, supported by the fire element in the latter half of the year they may gallop back up, according to Lynn Yap, Singapore’s Feng Shui Queen. Metals and waters will do badly: this will affect metal mining and precious metals as well as fishing. Financial business also have the potential to be unstable. We could have predicted that one though.


Countries in the Southern Hemisphere, like South Australia and South America may experience gunfire as well as volcanoes, because “ the fire energies are so strong” according to Chinese astrologer and Sydney Feng Shui master Lok Tin, who spoke to the Sydney Morning Herald about his predictions for the coming 12 months.


When horse meets horse, the natural Ying-Yang opposition is no longer balanced and thus over the next year horses are due some tense situations and pressure in their personal life. However Foon Chik, of the Feng Shui Society says it is not that simple and meeting your own sign can be a time for self-reflection. 

Lie low if you’re a horse…really? Lie low? Good thing today was a rest day.

Janathon stats:

  • miles ran: 91 (!)
  • snow planks: 2
  • recovered injuries: 1
  • trips to sunny destinations taken: 1
  • # of snow days: 2
  • # of days running in sub freezing temps: OMG, I think every single one.
  • # of layers needed to run in these temps: 4
  • predicted temp of Feb. 1: 43F.

See you all in June for Junathon!


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