but wait! there’s more!

snow, that is!

I’m not complaining though.  This is what winter is supposed to do. Yesterday, though, sorta caught most everyone by surprise.  Maybe a Super Bowl hangover? The forecast was for 1″-3″.  More like 8″. Roads were a mess because the plows weren’t out.  My work closed, and we were sent home early.

Which was good, because I had a 4 mile “anticipation” run on the docket.  (Anticipating my death by slush, perhaps?) So I laced up my trail shoes and headed out.  I didn’t quite get to 4 miles (the nearly 10 I had done the day before tired me out, but then again, that’s the point of the “anticipation” run), and running through the snow is hard on your legs.

Makes for good pics, though:

This snow was the heavy, wet kind and it flew fast and furious, accumulating quickly.  Just so we don’t get cocky, Mother Nature is sending another blast of winter our way tonight, and yet again over the weekend.

All things considered, I think we’re handling it well.  It makes for a lovely landscape, and since the bitter cold it gone, it’s somewhat more bearable to be outside. However, local school kids are now actually crossing their fingers that school not be cancelled.  We’ve eaten through our 3 snow days, and any more means taking away from spring break in April.  Ruh-roh!

At least some are having fun with it, though:


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