Wet & Heavy

With a forecast of icy rain and sleet, imagine my surprise this morning to see at least 6 more inches of snow on the ground!  Really wet and heavy snow. Everywhere.  But especially in front of my house and in my driveway.

It is quickly losing its charm.

This time I refused to give in and did not take any pictures of nature’s beauty. I think Mother Nature is getting narcissistic. All the selfies of winter wonderland have got her thinking we actually enjoy this.

Knowing the forecast for the sleet/freezing rain/”wintery mix,” I squeezed in my Wednesday run on Tuesday night, basically forgoing my rest day for 6x800s with a 3 min recovery.  It was a tough workout, made all the tougher by being inside on the treadmill. At least I got to mix it up with my paces though. The 800s were at 9:05 and the recovery 3 min at 12:00. With the warm up and cool down, I got in about 6 miles. I will consider this a success as 1. I hit my paces, and 2. I did not fall off the back of the machine.

The weather is beginning to take its toll though.  I’m finding my way into a crappy mood–between the town folk complaining on FB about having to give up a day during spring break to make up for exceeding our allotted snow days (can we just consider ourselves lucky enough to be able to afford more than one vacation a year?) to the fact that my sewing machine is broken (a situation worsened when the decidedly non-engineer Mister tried to take it apart and couldn’t put it back together) to yet another prediction of a major storm on Sunday–the black cloud is looming.

But, there is a silver lining. I’m hosting my running club on Saturday (no snow!) for our breakfast run. And I just got a friend’s invitation to her wedding in early March (no snow?). And although my machine bit the dust, I tracked down my first ever sewing machine in the attic, and voila: the Bess shirt:

IMG_0511 IMG_0514


I used two different linens, and I love the lines of the shirt.  I have enough polka dot to do another (using the dots in front yet another contrasting color for the back). I know, I know.  I will not be wearing this for at least 5 more months, but it was just too adorable to put in a queue to be forgotten.


    • Thanks so much–I wish I could (sell it, that is), but the pattern is copywrited (copywritten? copywrote?), so I can only make it for personal use. If you know a good tailor, though, you could buy & print out the pattern, buy the fabric, and have your tailor make one. (I used to do that quite often, much less expensive than you would think).

  1. What a cute top! I did the same thing on Tuesday…I ran the second I got home from work to do a hill workout that was scheduled for Wednesday since we were due for an ice storm. I totally misjudged how cold it was, though, and my face was numb when I got home.

      • I am not sure what is going on with my phone or iPad…I wrote a second comment since my first wasn’t there after I hit publish last night. I am even more technologically challenged than I thought, apparently!

  2. What a really cute top..I don’t know how you do all the things you do! I did the same thing on Tuesday; I raced home to do the run on my training plan since it was supposed to ice storm on Wednesday. I totally misjudged how cold it was, though, and my face was numb by the time I got home.

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