Double whammy

At the beginning of the week, I was glued to following winter storm Pax. There was no need for all that–Pax certainly made  himself (herself?) known Thursday morning:

15″ of the fluffy white stuff. In a relatively short time-frame.  I went to bed exhausted from shoveling at least 5 times.  Our town’s plow crew was playing a sadistic game with the residents.  As soon as homeowners would remove the snow from their driveway aprons, the plows would come by and push it all back in. This was so much fun! The crux of the situation was that after the snow stopped, we had a bit of rain, which added to the weight, making the job that much more frustrating and the game that much more entertaining.

And lucky enough for us, we awoke Friday morning to another 4″! The bonus today was the rising temps–finally above freezing, which lead to lots of slushiness!

All the snow meant no school AND no work.  Instead of plowing ahead with my olympic knitting project, I decided to tackle the Merchant and Mills dress.  Voila:

I’m pretty freakin’ pleased with this one. I went with a print to make the dress less grandpa night shirt-ish. It wasn’t an easy-peasy project, but not overly difficult. The shirttail hem was tricky.  I channeled my inner Coco and made a few changes on the fly: I went rogue and added pockets (figured this out all on my own), and I reversed the front pleat from an “outie” to an “innie” (ok, I just googled pleat styles–the outie is a “box” pleat while the “innie” is an “inverted” pleat.  Anyway, I figured I didn’t need any extra pouf at my stomach; the “innie” brings the fabric in slightly)  I’m not sure if I’ll wear it with a belt or not, but I like the option. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the slope of the shoulder seams.  I might have to take them in so there not so gappy.  But I’ll make this again. Maybe shorter, without sleeves and in a cotton lawn for summer.

After finishing the dress, I rewarded myself with a run. I was on the docket for 7, but as I was still a little achy from the game of cat and mouse with the town’s plows, I opted for slightly over 4.  It was a beautiful afternoon–high 30s, sunny skies, just lovely.

All in all, the double whammy was perfect–a perfect run, a perfect sew, even (she admits, grudgingly) a perfect shovel.


  1. How many snow days will you all have to make up after this? You sure are getting a hammering! Hasn’t stopped you running or your handiwork either. Good going with that dress!

    • so far we have to make up 3 days (3 days are built into the school calendar, and we’ve gone over by an additional 3). They’re being taken away from spring break (in April) as opposed to taking them onto the end of the school year. You can only imagine the hullabaloo in town right now.

  2. Paige – I love that dress, its a great print and really suits you. You would enjoy a TV programme that has started its second series in the UK – is on BBC2 called the Great Sewing Bee- to find the UK’s best amateur sewer ( I guess thats the spelling ). I watch it with admiration as I do when I read about your sewing projects. I am a dreamer on the craft front – am an expert maker of ill fitting children’s costumes and half finished home furnishings.
    Running I can just about deal with – but I am still in awe of your magnificent triple whammy 🙂

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