FINALLY, my mother found her 70th and last egg.   This morning, I awoke to this email:

I found the 70th egg!  I had thought that perhaps I had miscounted but that was not so as for the last 6 months or so I just had 69 eggs in my bag.  And last night I found the 70th – in my pantry.  This will, of course, just confirm in everyone’s mind that the contents of my pantry, especially those items shoved to the back,  are way too old.  And the timing of this last message was appropriate for the season.  Paige said “I’m impressed that you went out nightly at 11:00 pm to put water down for the backyard ice rink.”  If I remember correctly, we tried to keep the rink going until February vacation.

My sister was first to reply that she had actually found that particular egg in the summer (as she was cleaning out my mom’s pantry).  And it is appropriate as we are ensconced in February break that my note was the last found.  For about 3 or 4 winters when I was in late elementary school/jr. high, my mother thought it’d be great to have a full-sized skating rink in our backyard.  The first winter the guys at the hardware store told her how to do it, and helped her make the boards. And she set at it–leveling the snow, applying a plastic undercoat and then watering the rink 2 times a day (one watering at 11pm every night) to get the ice nice and thick and even.  She even strung lights.  This rink was the neighborhood draw day and night between Christmas and Valentine’s. The only rule: whoever used the rink had to shovel the snow off it. As a kid, I loved this! As a parent, the thought of going outside at night to water a backyard skating rink is completely appalling.


It’s appalling mostly because it would cut into my knitting time.  After a slow start (much like the bobsled, which just seems to creak along at the very beginning), I’m cruising on my Olympic project, the September Morn sweater, and definitely expect to have it finished by Sunday night’s closing ceremonies.  Although I have not yet bound off yet the body in the pic, I assure you, it’s finished. All I have left are the two sleeves.



It’s also been 2 days since we’ve had snow.  It feels like a bit of a drought right now.  Temps are virtually springlike (low 50s), and there’s meltiness all around.  This is good. It doesn’t bode well for actually wearing this heavily turtlenecked sweater, but at this point in the winter, that’s ok.



Someone special turns 16 tomorrow. 15 wasn’t kind to her.  Fingers are crossed for a better year.  I suspect she’s absolutely not going to like this gift, but you only turn 16 once. And her preferred present (a kitten) isn’t in the cards.




Without even looking, my weekly mileage has inched right back up there.  33! I’m at the point where I don’t even think twice about lacing up for 5 miles (although trying to squeeze 8 miles into a morning run like I had to do this morning is still tough). I’ve got 3 weeks til my Shamrock half marathon.  I won’t break any records, but I will be well prepared!




    • She liked the Tiffany (it was a necklace with her initial on a pendant) more than I thought. Coincidentally, my mother got her a birthstone ring (also from Tiffany) and they go nicely together. Finger’s crossed they don’t get lost…

  1. You are just as impressive as your mother, albeit for different reasons! Love that ice rink story!
    Is the sweater knit on a knitting machine or by hand? You’re super speedy! And my goodness, 33 miles…. These days , on a good week, I’ll trot out 20. Sigh:-(

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