Huge announcement !


Yep! That’s me!

Two weeks to go until the Shamrock half marathon. Today was my last double-digit long, slow run (12 miles) and I nailed it!  (ok, a slight exaggeration–not so difficult ‘nailing’ a long-slow-run pace of 11-11:15 min/miles). But an absolutely amazing run! Even in the 9F temps.

And I have a second announcement (although no accompanying photos): On the Lam(b) is officially a business. I’m registered with the feds and my state (woot!). I’ve got a real bank account (with dollars actually in it!) and I’m typing this from my new business macbook air. But better than all that…I’ve actually got the fun stuff, too–designs and a logo.  The designs are currently being put together into tech-packs which will then get sent to the sample maker (!) and then I’ll actually have something to show and test out! So freakin’ excited about this.

Thing 3, though, beat me to the punch.  She joined an after-school entrepreneur club and made some wristlet keychains/zipper pulls (all by herself, on the sewing machine). Cute, if I do say so myself. Wednesday night was their market, and she nearly sold out.  I’m a nice mom, so I took the last two off her hands (thus reducing her start-up capital loan by $7).

Can you believe that two leftovers were both Hello Kitty? My gain!


  1. Congratulations on your new endeavors…I can’t wait to see everything when it is ready! Great job in the run, too…9 F is brutal!!!

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