Move over Coco

Over the weekend I was sucked into the Pinterest Vortex (a pleasant reprieve from our Polar one), and I found this:



and fell in love.  THIS IS ME AND MY DRESS, all prettied up with stylists standing by and living on a white seamless.

And although the Pinterest boards I was perusing were filed under “sewing,” alas, this was not a sewing pattern.  It was RTW.

But you know how it is when something gets stuck in your craw and you can’t let go?  So I stared and stared and stared at this picture. And then I went to my LFS (local fabric shop) and bored the girls there silly with my dream.  But I left with some fabric, some ideas and the confidence that coming up with my own creation after having sewn maybe 5 things was completely within the realm of do-able.

Nine hours later:

IMG_0691 IMG_0692


Well, it’s not white. And I’m wearing a shirt (this is work, you know). And clearly I don’t have a stylist at my beck and call. Or a white seamless. But I’ve got my dress. And it’s lovely. In a dark chambray denim. And the back of the dress bodice has a FRENCH seam!  Cuz I’m fancy like that.  And there are pockets, because I’m sensible and hate carrying bags.

It really wasn’t magic.  In my pattern stash (yes, although I’ve been sewing less than a year, I’ve already accumulated a pattern stash), I had an Amy Butler button down shirt/tunic/shirtdress pattern that I figured would work for top, and Christine Haynes’ Emery dress had a lovely gathered skirt, so I married the two.  It wasn’t painless, but for the most part it worked and I know what to do to make it better.  Because I will. Make it better. In time for summer. In the prettiest and lightest (bordering on white) blue linen.

But I’ll keep a shirt on underneath.


  1. You have been sewing for only a year, and came up with that in nine hours? Off a picture? I am completely blown away. Well done! It looks great.

  2. Love this! I’m so impressed that you just whipped this up in a few hours based on a photo you found online. One day I aspire to do such things. : ) I wonder if the model is wearing double-stick tape??

    • Thanks for the compliment. It was probably the easiest DIY make–the gathered skirt did all the work.

      She had to have had the double stick tape. How else would that work?

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