TWIDDLING my thumbs…

waiting for the fabric store to open!


Well, it’s a bad, bad thing to keep electronics in the bedroom.  (Stay with me here–I have a point…eventually) Normally we have a ban on electronics in the bedroom. No TVs, no phones (except for the landline), no computers, no ipads, no devices of any kind.   The rule is primarily for me, because if I had access to the world from the comfort of my bed, I would probably never leave it.

Anyway, the only time I break that rule is when the Mister travels.  Then I keep either my phone or ipad near my bed in case he needs to get in touch with me in an emergency.  (yes, we have a landline, but the handsets have gone missing…and I’m sure their batteries are dead by now). And the Mister left yesterday for a karate sojourn to Montreal.

Anyway (and here’s the point), this morning when my alarm went off for my run (more on that later), I got distracted by an ad from the gap for this:gap-gray-eyelet-back-sweater-product-1-18306722-1-275247168-normal_large_flex

No, it’s not an ugly gray sweatshirt. Take a peek at the back:

Eyelet-back sweater - heather gray

Swoon!  Perfect for spring (if it ever gets here…)

And although I could buy this for $36 ($59 + 40% off) and 30 minutes of time (10 for driving to the store, 20 for looking for stupid parking) I am going to MAKE it. Even though I have never sewn with knits before.  That’s why I’m waiting for the fabric store to open–to go get me somes eyelet and knit fabric.  I’m going to use Renfrew as my pattern, but adjust the neckline slightly (given my fear of the guillotine and vampires, I’m not a fan of scoop or v-necks at. all.)

It’s not quite 8am.  When did I figure this all out you might be wondering?  On my run this morning. For the past few months I’ve been running with a friend from my running club.  She’s sorta the perfect running partner.  Neither of us is looking for chatty company (which has always been my reluctance to meeting up with a running buddy–i need my morning runs to figure things out in my head), we just need the motivation to get out there at o’dark thirty.  So our 5 miles today just flew by as I 1. figured out exactly how I’d make this project. and 2. challenged myself to do a similar version as a handknit.

Honeycomb-sweater-sweater2_medium2 cap-sleeve-lattice-600-dress-form

A combination of these two might work…

30 more minutes til the store opens. Good thing the Mister comes home tomorrow.  I need to get that ipad out of the bedroom.


  1. Haha, I know that feeling. I often fantasize about what I am going to make next and how best to construct it while doing something else. Knits aren’t difficult to sew with so good luck on creating your top!

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