The insides are crap

(and so, apparently, is the photography) but does that matter?



The point is, I have a better version of that Gaptastic sweatshirt.

Mine’s more of a t-shirt, but I LOVE HOW THIS FITS.

Instead of using Renfrew (couldn’t pull the trigger on paying $15 for a t-shirt pattern), I downloaded the free and extremely popular Plaintain from Doe and Deer.  Ooo-la-la.  Except that I hate scoop necks (again, guillotines and vampires) and a-line shirts.

So, I brought up the scoop neck and then hacked off about 3.5″ of the a-line flare and then I crossed my fingers and hoped it would fit.  I guess all that finger crossing worked, because the shirt is absolutely perfect.

On the outside.  The inside is one hot mess.  This is my first attempt at knits, and I was terrified to try my twin needle on the hems, so they look like crap (on the inside), and while I followed several bloggers’ advice to use a stretchy ziggy stitch, I didn’t realize my machine had its own special stretchy ziggy stitch, so I used the wrong one.  It’s stretchy enough, but I think the others would have made the shirt look nicer (on the inside).  I’m thinking in sewing the inside counts almost as much as the outside, because lots of sewing blogs show both.  For right now, I’m only going to show the outside, because that’s what people see.  The inside will remain our little secret.

Speaking of secrets, I just got a netflix subscription (hello 21st century) and am all entangled in House of Cards (the US version).  I absolutely love Claire Underwood’s haircut.  It’sbasically mine, with a permanent stylist standing in the wings and a stronger jawline and beautiful cheekbones. Oh, and money. I also love her clothing–the costuming people in this show are fantastic–but I’m guessing those insides are not a hot mess.




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