Signs of spring!

Wow! What a difference a day (or 3) makes.  We went from the freezing 40s to the verging on slightly uncomfortable 70s (only because we haven’t had a chance to dig out our non-woolen clothing) in a matter of days.

The signs of spring are abound–from pineapple upside down cake (revised into minis, and equally as delish, at least according to Thing 3), to blossoming shrubs and trees, to the inevitable For Sale signs that are popping up.  Moreover, my mini not only got to leave the garage, I got to open her sunroof! And Thing 3’s lacrosse team finally got to leave the gym!

Most of these shots (aside from lacrosse) I shot on my Sunday long run, which wasn’t so great, but I got it done.  Silly me, I scheduled a second half marathon in early May, which meant I really didn’t have a rest in my training, and, in fact according to my coach, my PR in Virginia Beach pushed up my pace times for my training runs.  So much so that this week is sorta slightly scary–a 9 mile tempo run (WTF?), 2 miles warm up, 4 miles at HM pace with a 2 minute “recovery”, 2 mile cool down.  And that’s just Wednesday! I’ve got another long run coming up, but there’s no “slow” in that–in fact, the last 3 miles are to be done at a 9 minute mile.

I’m not aiming for a PR in Indy–I’m there for work, running with some friends, and have already committed to being a “dresser” for the fashion show on Friday night (the race is Saturday am). But at the same time, it’s another flat, fast course, so I’d like to come close to my 2:03.  The bonus–I get to wear my medal at a trade show ALL. DAY. LONG!

All things considered (especially given the forecast for freezing rain and possibly snow on Tuesday), I think we’ve turned a corner.


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