high and mighty

I knew it was too good to last.  I was cruising on four months injury-free (and my first running April since…ever) and wham, this morning, just when I was thinking how freakin’ fantastic it is to run at 5:30am when it’s just light out, my left hip/groin seized up and ground me to a halt.

Wow. Never felt anything like that before.

But immediately after I stopped, the ache went away.

So I started up running again, and there it was. Owies!

I was about 2 miles from home, so I hobbled the rest of the way, playing “Please God.” As in, “Please God, if you let this just be a muscle ache, I’ll go to church on Sundays.” and “Please God, if you let me be healthy for Run-a-palooza and the Indy Mini, I’ll stop swearing.”

I don’t think God cares if I’m in church or let loose the f-bomb every so often. Because something’s just not right.  I spent the rest of my day at the NJ Motor Vehicles with Thing 1 (yes, he passed his road test, and then we got to spend 4 more hours waiting to get his license, which, interestingly enough, some employee at that particular office has a difficult time spelling evidenced by the hand-made signs asking folks to write ‘drivers liscense’ in the memo section of their checks. And yes, I let that sign bother me for about 93 minutes. It did take my mind off my hip, though, for 93 minutes.)

I wore down my phone’s battery at motor vehicles visiting Dr. Google.  Femoral neck stress fracture appeared wayyyyy toooo often. But I called my ortho, and will see him tomorrow night.

I hope, I hope, I hope I’m being a hypochondriac. My finger’s are crossed that it’s something easy, like, hmmm, a strain or tendinitis or a groin pull.  I put Dr. Google away, and will be patient for a real live person.

Who hopefully will also be able to uncross my fingers in addition to fixing my hip.

oh, and I leave you with this great song:



  1. I really hope that it is a freak thing that will go away as quick as it seemed to start. And that spelling thing would have driven me crazy; I probably would have gotten up and surreptitiously fixed it!

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