when life gives you lemons…

or limes…

make a key lime parfait. With help from grandma’s Thin Mints


For Easter I had ordered a key lime pie, and when it arrived I discovered that it had not really set, nor had the crust (which was a regular pie crust, not the graham cracker crust) fully baked.  For a minute, I thought I’d just 86 the pie, but decided to crowd source a solution on Facebook.  A good friend suggested using graham crackers and making parfaits.  Of course, it’s not s’more season so I’m out of graham crackers, but I did have grandma’s Thin Mints which I had yet to send off to her.  (sorry grandma!) With the lime and mint, I’m thinking these may have more of a chocolate mojito flavor,  which may or may not be tasty, but I’m betting on the sugar content to save the day.

Lucky for me, too, that my running life isn’t calling for lemonade yet. After a visit to the ortho yesterday (which, not surprisingly, told me nothing I didn’t already know, but did get me yet another script for naproxen), I saw my awesome PT today, and am feeling slightly (yes, only slightly) like Henny Penny.  The world has not come to an end.  So I’ll be running a marathon relay (first leg) on Saturday, and will then taper for my Indy Mini next Saturday.

The Indy Mini conveniently coincides with my yarn trade show.  Usually I make a sweater for this event, but this year,  I’m going to make a dress.  Because I treated myself to a new (to me) Janome sewing machine.


It’s just lovely, and amazing how much better my sewing is when silly things, like having the needle go up and down consistently and evenly, work.   The dress I want to make is the Merchant & Mills Camber Set.  Here’s my wearable muslin (done last week on my new machine):

IMG_0882 IMG_0897 IMG_0901 IMG_0908

In the first left pic, the dress is actually on backwards. Because it’s always good to have reversible clothing.  The next version I’m planning on a few changes–1. take in the waist just a teeny bit.  I like the t-shirty look to this dress, but it’s just a skosh too big in the waist, 2. add pockets.  Really, why even have a dress like this without pockets? and 3. make the neckline slightly larger.  Even with a pea-head, this was a tight squeeze. The next one I’m going to use a Liberty-esque cotton lawn and line it.

A lemonade-sipping dress if there ever was one!



    • omg–have you spoken with my mother? that’s what she always says to me. i can’t put on a pair of socks without hearing her voice (please, paige, the socks…).

      • How funny! Our mums are always there with those familiar nags aren’t they no matter how old we are. Recently I made comment re eldest madam’s designer holes in her jeans, she was horrified that I could say that seeing as she is all of 23 years old! To be honest she is lucky I did not get the sewing machine out to fix them!

  1. In high school my sister and I sewed all our own clothes, and whenever I modeled my latest creation for her opinion, she’d say, “Looks great. But not with those socks!” No doubt there’s some universal life lesson here… 🙂

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