cardinal rules

I’m probably breaking all of them.  And the Indy Mini is tomorrow, so there’s no backing out now.

Even though I haven’t run since Monday (with the exception of a very very slow 2 mile shake out run in the rain on Thursday), I’m not well-rested.  In fact, I spent the entire day today on my feet.

I’m going to wear brand-new shoes.  Granted the same brand/style as the ones I’m retiring, but still, brand-new. As in zero miles.

I don’t know where my corral is. Or my wave. Or the start line. Or the finish line, for that matter.  That’s not too important, as I won’t be in first place, so I can just move along with the crowd, but typically I like to know where I’m going in advance.

Oh, and to go with the let’s not break things in theme, my outfit–brand new.  Haven’t run in it yet. Again, I already own same skirt in the same size, and the shirt is so form-fitting, there’s no actual way it could possibly move, much less chafe.


This could be a recipe for disaster. Paige the athlete is very superstitious (same clothes, same routine, well-practiced mantras, etc etc), so this lackadaisical attitude is disconcerting.  Maybe I’m at the point where 13.1 miles doesn’t freak me out. I know I can cover the distance. But it’s still a distance to be respected, so I better buckle down, work on my playlist (yikes–yet another thing I’ve let slide!), figure out where I need to be in the morning (I know it’s somewhere near my hotel), and get my butt in bed.


  1. Paige – I think this shows an inner confidence – break free of your race superstitions, you don’t need them no more ( could that be a song ? ) 🙂 And if it makes you feel better, I got a PB in the Inverness half wearing a new shirt I bought the day before the race.
    Good luck and nice running skirt !

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