why I’m glad I’m a runner

because I can sprint.

Let me explain.  Get some chips, it’s a long story.

Monday I left Indy for home.  My flight was to leave at 4:18pm.  I arrived at the Indy airport with time to spare, went through security, and then got a text message from United informing me that my flight had been delayed until 8:45 pm.  That set off a frantic series of texts to Things 1 and 2 so that they’d be able to get Thing 3 to and from her after-school activities  (note: I LOVE having teenagers!) and dinner on the table.

I lined up with all the 49 other passengers on the flight to see if there was any chance of catching something earlier.  While this was happening, our airplane happened to arrive, and our crew made their way onto the aircraft.

The gate agent was as cool as a cucumber (in a good way).  She spent her time rebooking folks with connections to Europe from Newark, and then explaining that she really didn’t know anything more than we did, but the fact that the plane and the crew were together was a good sign.

I resigned myself to a long wait, and hunkered down with my knitting. About 6pm I got a little hungry and made my way to an airport restaurant (not far from the gate), ordered a beer, a salad and a pizza, opened my laptop and started a post.  My salad and beer arrived.  I took a pic of the salad because, although I ordered the ‘half’ salad, it was enormous.

My pizza had just arrived, and I was just about to press “post” on my FB status, when I heard the announcement from the gate agent: “The postponed Newark-bound plan will be departing gate 21 in 10 minutes.  We had a narrow window for ‘wheels up’ and must take advantage of this. All passengers on UA flight xxxx please report to gate 21.”

I (and several other passengers) swarmed the lone waitress who cashed everyone out.  We dashed towards the gate.  Boarding pass scanned, I made my way to the last possible seat on the plane.  I sat down, and looked in my bag.

Holy CRAP! My laptop was missing!

I looked at the guy next to me and said, “I left my laptop in the restaurant.”

“run!” was his advice.

I ran up the plane aisle.

I looked at the flight attendant and said “my laptop’s in the restaurant!”

“run!” she said as she pushed me through the airplane door.

I ran up the gangway and into the gate agent: “OMG, I left my laptop in the restaurant!”

“RUN!” she shouted, “the door’s still open. GO! GO! GO!”

I got to the restaurant (which was in sight of the gate, btw), where there was a group of 7 men, standing around my laptop, staring at it.   And then at me.  And then back at it.

I ran into the restaurant (resisting the urge to hurdle the flimsy metal gates that create that fake ‘outdoor but really inside the airport’ seating), slapped down the laptop cover and gathering up the laptop sleeve.  The group of 7, in unison, “RUN!”

I sprinted back to the gate, where the gate agent closed the door behind me, ran down the gangway, and back down the aisle to the last possible seat on that plane to much applause.

I may never get that sub 2.  But man oh man, I know when to turn it on.


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