Lest you think the Indy Mini and my laptop near-fiasco were the only heart-racing fun I had in Indy, let me show you more:

Two summers ago I spent 11 days in Indy and knew the artsy part of town was Mass Ave. On my Sunday lunch break, I headed on over, first and foremost to visit a fabric shop that my LFS owner recommended: Crimson Tate:

IMG_0967 IMG_0968

Anyone who can make car tires look this adorable deserves my patronage.

Here’s what I picked up:



I did some serious damage to my wallet.  Not having a set project in mind for any of these, I got 3 yards each of the blue with sheeps and the green bikes. The other two, only 2 yards each.  All except the sheeps are Japanese fabrics and not so easy to find. The sheeps are a brushed cotton linen and have almost a flannel-ish nap to the right side. I am in love.

The fun didn’t end there.

On my way back from Crimson Tate I was passing a coffee shop when a small bird flew right by me (too close for comfort) and straight into the brick facade!  It then collapsed on the sidewalk, much to the dismay of the coffee shop patrons sitting outside and me. We gathered around the bird, who eventually righted himself, and then stood guard so that he wouldn’t get tromped on by some texting walker (there were several near misses just in that few minutes–we nearly went searching for a safety cone).  One of the coffee shop patrons created a hashtag, and started tweeting, and eventually the bird decided he was uninterested in trending on Facebook, so he took off, barely missing the building…again.


Here he is, right before flying off.

Relieved the young bird would live another day, I continued my walk back to the convention center and saw this:


A picklecycle.  Riders (?)/pickle-eaters sit on the bike seats and pedal, but perpendicular to the direction the cycle is moving. They are also served beer. Seeing this in motion really threw me for a ringer and made me slightly nauseous.

Indy is a small city, but it certainly packs a punch into a few short blocks!


  1. Oh new fabric how exciting. My brain can’t cope with the pickle eating moving thing, that’s way too confusing and although I love gherkins don’t think I would give it a go

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