My legs may be tired (more on that later), but my mind is racing.  So much to make, so little time to make it!

First, here’s the down low on my most recent WIP (work in progress):


Yep, a tennis sweater.  One that won’t fit.  (It’s enormous) Why, you may be asking, is she knitting something that won’t fit.   That, my friends, is a good question.  This is completely a process knit. Not a project. Something I just had to get out of my system. But it may just inspire my version of this:


I saw this today in a catalog.  So cute. And now that my fear of knitted dresses has gone away (thanks to Mekko), I may give this a shot.  I’m thinking I’ll use the tennis sweater cable template, but switch up needle sizes (larger needle–a US 5–on bottom, graduating to a US 3 on top) to create a bit of an a-line.  See, there’s a method to my madness.

But, wait, there’s more.  On the sewing front…because every time I think there just can’t be any more niche blogs out there, I find a new category. This time, sewing.  Last week as I was fiddling while Rome burned (or more accurately, surfing the web while my basement flooded with rain water), I found Catherine Daze’s blog, and this dress. OMG. This. is. my. dress. I love the collar. And the raglan sleeves. And the simple silhouette. So I searched high and low (ok, I trolled ebay for like 20 seconds), and VOILA:


WOOT! God I wish it would snow so I could make something in a boiled wool jersey!

But no, no matter how badly I want that dress, I don’t want it to snow. I’m enjoying our late arriving, pollen-laden spring to the utmost.  This past weekend, though, we seemed to by-pass spring and head straight into summer.

Saturday my relay friends and I headed up to Newburgh, NY for our 2nd annual brewery to brewery run.  Coincidentally, the Newburgh Brewery and Peekskill Brewery, while separated by the Hudson River, are just about 26 miles apart.  So this rather large, yet somehow all related to Pat (the organizer), group gathers at one, divides into relay teams, and then, as a team, runs to the other.

It was our first day above 80F since last October.  And the humidity was in full force, but we slogged on through. I got to run the first leg from Newburgh, over the Hudson River into Beacon, NY.  Although I volunteered for the first leg, and knew it was over a bridge, I sorta forgot how absolutely terrified of high places I am.  So while other bridge crossers were oohhing and ahhing at the scenery, I was to scared to even take out my phone and snap some pics.  Eyes on the prize–the other side of the Hudson. 4.6 miles done!  My 2nd leg was equally as pleasant: 3 uphill miles.  Thankfully it started sprinkling by this point, so the humidity didn’t feel as rough.

Sunday, Mother’s Day, the Mister and I headed into NYC for the Japan Day Run, a 4 mile race put on by New York Road Runners as part of the Japan Day Festival in Central Park. I know this is a sin, but I’ve never done a NYRR race before.  This was a pleasure.  While warm, the humidity had tapered off, so it was a great day for racing.  I wasn’t expecting much after 3 weeks of hard running, but I set a goal of finishing in 38 minutes.  Chip time: 37:37. An automatic PR, as it was my first 4 mile race. Next year I want to do this again on fresh legs–I totally think I could get closer to 36 minutes.  Mile 1-2 are basically flat/slight incline. Mile 2-3 has 3 rolling hills, but nothing that can’t be handled in stride, and then it’s this AWESOME downhill for the last mile into the finish line.  The Mister kicked my butt: 36:21.

The rest of Mother’s Day was uneventful (always good). The Mister stayed in at the Japan Festival until late–his work is a major sponsor and he was in charge of his banks’ volunteer force. Thing 1 had to work; Thing 2 hung with friends; Thing 3 and I changed over her winter wardrobe to her summer wardrobe.  We don’t typically do presents (as the Mister once stated when I complained about this early on in our married with children life: “But you’re not my mother.” And he’s right.), but the Things did do some artwork for me, and then, when I went to bed, there was this on my pillow:



(click on the image to embiggen)

Possibly the best poem ever. In eight stanzas, Thing 3 totally captures my aversion to shopping, traffic, and the damn cat’s scratching, while also recognizing my love for knitting and running.

But my biggest inspiration of all–her figuring out a rhyme for the word “orange.”



  1. What a lovely poem. So much better than any Mother’s Day present. And you knit just to experience the process? Then reshape and restyle and redo? Your children will never run out of inspiration for all of their verses with all that you do.

  2. That is a simply wonderful poem and amazingly creative work! The perfect Mother’s Day present, knowing that someone is paying attention.

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