If a tree

falls on your house, and only runners are outside, does it make a noise?



Just one more benefit to being outside at 6:00am. I’m glad I mixed up my route this morning–usually i’m on that side of the street, and much earlier.

I’ve had a restful running week–low mileage and all at an “easy” pace.  This is good; today was humid (we’re expecting a deluge of rain later on), but I felt like the Energizer Rabbit–running on and on and on.

In sewing land, this month is “me made may”.  While I have plenty of sweaters to fill the requirement of wearing something self-made everyday, I’m actually a bit sick and tired of my sweaters (and I haven’t quite yet gotten up the nerve to pull out the spring/summer clothing yet; I don’t want to invoke the wrath of Mother Nature for being too confident).  Mother’s Day, though, I took the opportunity to launder and iron some fabric, and cut a dress pattern, and I sewed on it Monday and Tuesday evenings–just in time to wear to work on Wednesday:

IMG_0999 IMG_0994

This is my Emery dress. I’m in love with this dress.  Or at least I was until Stephen (my coworker) told me I looked like Rachel from Glee.  But I do love it.  I took my time with the sewing, and worked really hard on making the insides look good (still not there yet).  My seams all match up, except for a little bit in the back waist, but that’s ok.  With the gathered skirt, it’s sorta busy back there, so no one should notice.  Or at least no one should be rude enough to mention it if they do notice.

I think the collar makes it look young, so the next time around, I may leave the collar and sleeves off.   I’m dithering about the length. It’s a fun length (I’m wearing the leggings because it was chilly Wednesday), and I think it will be perfect for summer, but if I were to re-do this in a heavier fabric, I think a longer length (with the 3/4 sleeves) would be more appropriate.

The more I sew, the more I’m learning about matching a flattering (to me) dress silhouette to my style.  This seems much easier to do with sewn separates and knits (perhaps because I’ve been at that for longer). But I look at all the tunics/dresses I’ve sewn so far, and I don’t have that many faves.  While tunics and straight dresses are so trendy, I don’t find them flattering on me (I feel like I’m wearing a nightgown)–I need something with more structure to the bodice. This pattern fits that bill.  Now, the challenge is finding fabrics that can make this work for different situations.

I think I spend way too much time thinking about it, but last night as I was hanging up my Emery, the RTW dress I bought for Thing 1’s graduation fell off its hanger, and I slipped it on…



and realized that this is basically Kate Spade’s version of the Emery.  And she sorta got it right–colorful silk, a plunging neckline, sleeveless.  Not very Rachel from Glee.  (oh, and yes, there are pockets in this, too).





  1. Wow, a dress in two days? You could spend days tracking one you like down in the shops. Think I’d better give me made May a skip. Yes, even this late in the day. Or I’d be running around naked!

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