Whodda thunk?

In the spirit of Me Made May, I dressed the part today:

IMG_1064 IMG_1066

The dress is the Camber Set from Merchant & Mills. The sweater is something I made in 2009 and haven’t really worn since. It’s made from a silk yarn knit into a tube, and it’s really stretchy. The technique for knitting the top was really difficult, but resulted in this fabulous woven/braided. Originally I had on a brown belt and brown heels, but at the last minute switched to the red–total transformation.

I’ll admit–I sorta liked knowing that I made the bulk of my wardrobe today.  And I liked that it didn’t scream “HOMEMADE!” I’m going to try this more often.  But not right now. After finishing the tennis sweater (which was a slog), I’m in recovery mode.  That’s right. Right now at this very moment, I am completely PROJECTLESS! Oh, there are projects brewing (and tons of half-finished crap), but nothing so urgent as to make me want to collect all my knitting needles or dig out my sewing machine.

Not only am I projectless, I am television programless too!  In March we cut our ties to our cable company and went with a Netflix and HuluPlus subscription.  Well, that was just about the worst thing ever for household productivity.  Whereas before I watched relatively few TV shows (we didn’t subscribe to the premium channels, so I was a big fan of House Hunters International and The Good Wife), now I’ve been binge-watching everything I’ve been missing for, like, ever, and as a result, my level of interest in housekeeping and chores has plummeted. I’ve already finished Orange is the New Black and House of Cards, and in a spate of excellent timing, I finished my tennis sweater with the last episode of season 6 of Mad Men.

I hear Breaking Bad is pretty good.  Maybe that will rekindle my interest in cooking?



  1. You look great.! I thought for a time that between knitting and sewing I could make a lot of my clothes, and then I realized I was pretty bad at sewing. You are tireless; I have never seen so many beautiful, finished projects!

  2. Wow – great outfit – and definitely a good choice to go with the red.

    I was unaware that it was possible to watch TV without knitting or doing other handwork. I thought there were project police peeking at me from behind the screen. hmmmmmm…..

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