The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

that is Memorial Day weekend.

The good? Scanning the Memorial Day parade crowds for Thing 3 (I was meeting up with her to view the parade with some friends), and then having said friends point her out as part of the “old car” portion of the parade (it pays to have friends in high places, I guess–she’s sitting with next to her bestie):



The bad? Struggling to cross-stitch my new iphone case.  Still not happy. I’m going for a herringbone look, but think the red and orange don’t have enough contrast. I swear to god, though, I’m giving up.  Trying to get the threads through the teeny-eyed needle was such a nightmare.



The ugly? Well, that would have been my  7 mile tempo run this morning.  Warm up for 2 miles, 3 miles at HMP (9:10/mile), 2 miles cool down.  This morning was warm and I was overdressed (long sleeve shirt). And even though I don’t think I have allergies, I struggled to breath once I picked up the pace.  I’m going to attribute that to the air quality. After 1.5 miles in my tempo portion (barely hitting my pace), I had to stop and regroup, and it was slightly scary, trying to catch my breath.  The latter 1.5 miles were better, but the entire run was painful. meh.

The bad and the ugly, though, were isolated incidents.  All in all, a great weekend, including a hail storm, homemade sushi (thanks to the Mister), a great long run on Saturday, the town pool opening, and some eye candy in the form of Denzel Washington (thank you Netflix) made for a great start to the summer.


  1. Lovely pic of your girl! It screams fun and summer. Wonder if heat and consequent dehydration affected your breathless run? Or maybe it was just the prospect of seeing Denzel…

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