Me Made May continued

my me-made Thing 1 hits another milestone: his graduation sign!



There was a lot of hullabaloo at the pick up house this evening.  Smiling parents were all atwitter with big grins and lots of fist pumps. Not so much the seniors. Maybe they find the signs embarrassing?

On a high from sticking the sign in the ground (yes, I lead a rather dull life when this counts as weekday excitement), I got out my sewing machine.  Another idea has been mulling around inside my head, mostly because I need to use my race medal storage device (otherwise known as a womannequin) for her true purpose, a dress form. But what to do with all the race bling?

Because actually, what do you do with all those medals?  I’ve seen them decorating Christmas trees, hung on skeletons (in my pt’s office) or as coasters.  They’re nice and all, but really, it’s not like they’re olympic medals.

Hardware aside, when I gathered up my collection, the one thing that struck me were the ribbons.  Most of them are pretty fantastic. And a light went on! And the ebay trolling began.  And yesterday, finally, all the parts arrived.


D rings, clasps, cotton webbing, tools.

Two ribbons and 30 minutes of some intense top-stitching later? Voila:

IMG_1110 IMG_1108 IMG_1107

A race belt!  (yes, I know I should have changed my jeans prior to modeling a belt using the Indy race flag, but it’s not like I live in a Pinterest world).

Lest you think I’m some sort of sewing genius, here’s an outtake:



Totally forgot that D ring belts need 2 D rings. Duh. And also didn’t wrap the ribbon onto both sides of the webbing. Double duh. Oh, and my prototype works better for lefties than righties.  Triple duh.

Not bad for a prototype. I think it’s a clever way to make some of the accumulating hardware useful. And I’ve got at least 3 more belts worth of ribbons that need liberating!


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