Yeah! Juneathon!

Woot! Juneathon!

I kicked off my 3rd celebration of exercise and excuses by trading in my scheduled 9 mile long run for a 5k. Hmmm.  Excuses already on the first day?

But when a fellow running club member mentioned a not-so-far 5k with the free ice cream and beer after the race, I was sold. So a friend and I headed trucked down the garden state parkway for the 10:30 start.

I had no idea what to expect.  My last (and first, actually) timed 5k was September 2012 (time: 26:57). My PB is from my sprint tri last august (26:45).  My friend and I decided on the drive down that our goal would be in the 9 min/mile range–aiming for 27 minutes.

Once at the race site, we re-adjusted those goals–while the course was “flat and fast,” the day was quickly heating up.  And my body just doesn’t react well to heat, pollen and humidity.  A goal: break 27 min.  B goal: beat 3o minutes. C goal: no stretcher.

Soon we were off. The course was an out and back through some nice neighborhoods. The streets were tree-lined in spots, which helped with the heat.  One very kind neighbor was out front of his house with his garden hose spraying down the runners.

After getting out of the crowded start, I was able to settle into a pretty good pace. After spending so much time training for and running half marathons, it was hard to figure out the pacing for a shorter distance.  Mile 1: 9:02.

I happened to run into another person I knew about the 1 mile mark.  She was picking up her pace, and I was able to keep up with her.  At this point we hit the turn around and headed down a really shady and breezy side street.  Relief from the sun! Mile 2: 8:48

During this last mile, it really got hot.  I kept telling myself it was ok to slow down and save some for the last part of the race, and then I’d have to remind myself that this was the last part of the race.  Mile 3: 8:23.

Ah, finally, the finish line! Time: 27:12 (8:41 pace). Not a PB, but for a strong Juneathon start, I’ll take it!

Oh, and the free beer and ice cream were delish!



  1. Ice cream sounds soooo fantastic after a run!! Congrats on a fantastic 5k even if it wasn’t a PB, it was in the heat and like you said I can understand, pollen, ugh. Great first day 🙂

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