where is my camera when I need it?

(actually, seeing as it’s also my phone, the answer to that rhetorical question would be, obviously, in my pocket, but I digress)

because while I was waiting at the stoplight, I happened to see an event worthy of capture: a very large man (think Lebron James size), riding a very small bike (think bmx size), steering with one hand (his right), while trying to text on his phone with the other! Making matters worse, he was wearing a backpack over the steering shoulder only (thus upsetting his center of balance) and there was a texting pedestrian was walking straight towards him! Oh, and both the pedestrian and cyclist were going against the light, and there was a car waiting impatiently to make a turn. The pedestrian looked up at the very last possible second, dodged left (huh?), right into the texting cyclist (who veered right). The pedestrian was left standing, the cyclist, his phone and contents of his bag were splayed throughout the intersection.  All this happened in like, 5 seconds.

When are we going to learn that we can only do one thing at a time, if we want to do it well?

However, I am not one to take my own advice.  This is Juneathon, and I’m using the opportunity to not only be diligent with my exercise, but to also put some new habits into motion, thus making me guilty of trying to do more than one thing at a time.  I’m starting with these:

  • cross-training.  Two days a week I have “rest/cross-training” days.  I am lazy.  I rest.  Not any more.
  • reading my New Yorker magazine within the week that it arrives. I’m very serious about this, even if it means I have to give up binge watching Breaking Bad to do so.

I will not rest on my two day laurels (yes, today’s Juneathon run of 5 easy miles is already in the bank). Tomorrow will be the first hurdle.  It’s my first scheduled “rest/cross-training” day of Juneathon, AND it’s the day my New Yorker arrives. The pressure’s on.

Let’s just hope there are no one-handed texting cyclists and multi-tasking pedestrians in my way.

Juneathon totals:

  • runs: 2
  • miles ran: 8.1
  • # of downed cyclists: 1
  • # of texting idiots: 2


    • Actually, I’m seated in the TV room, while Breaking Bad is playing on Netflix, with my head buried in a pillow. The sound alone is enough to scare me witless. I’m conflicted, because I LOVE Bryan Cranston (the dad from Malcolm in the Middle), but the violence and the realism…dear jaysus.

      • I tried watching it on my laptop in bed. Very, very poor choice. You’re TV room with its armoury of cushions sounds safer.

  1. Oh it’s the people that walk and read a book that get me, if the book is that good surely it deserves your whole attention and what do they do about lampposts.? Or do they have a permanent sore head.
    Don’t try and run plz get out there early and get that cross training done

    • I may take a break for Orange in the New Black when that starts up again, and I’ve heard good things about Veep. With Breaking Bad it’s sometimes painful to watch more than one episode a night.

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