The rain on the roof this morning meant no 7 mile run (yes, I realize it’s completely ridunk-a-dunk that I have no qualms about heading out in 5° F snow, but can’t bear the thought of getting wet), so instead I hopped out of bed for a morning to catch up on my strengthening PT exercises.  The thing about moving quietly and repetitively in your room is that there’s plenty of time and silence to think.  So I thought about Red Hen’s lovely limerick (itself a riff on Lengthorn’s triolet) and her challenge for a haiku:

pitter patter pat
uncooperative skies
hills remain unrun

But strengthening exercises don’t take as long as my 7 miles would have, so I was left with some leftover time.

So I contemplated my ‘too freakin’ much’ bag, cracked open the sewing machine, and had at it:


Much better.

Somehow, I was still ahead of schedule. So I relieved the Mister of his sandwich-making duties, and was then confronted with the size of the sandwich vs. size of the baggie conundrum.


Why don’t the bread people and the baggie people just get along?

It’s not even 8:30am, and already I’m all thought out for the day…


  1. So am thinking with your dislike if running in the rain that is just as well you do not live here, two wet runs so far but am hoping will be drier than January. Great re design of the bag

  2. Brilliant bag. You’ll be known as the bag lady from here on in! My goodness though, you pack in a LOT before 8.30! And good going on the poetry challenge. Now, how about a little acrostic? 🙂

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