Too much going on

For years and years I have wanted a bag that just doesn’t seem to exist.  It can be either a messenger bag or a knapsack, depending on mood and bag contents (heavier means both shoulders ponying up to carry the load).  The straps would be detachable. I have searched high and low, and while I’ve found some that have come close, they’ve either been too spendy or too icky (yes, that’s a fashion term for not having that ‘je ne sais pas quoi.’)

Because I’m so experienced with my new sewing machine and have sewn tons of bags before (not), I decided to throw caution to the wind and fuss around and make myself what I wanted.

And I learned a great deal in the process. Like how maybe bags don’t have both knapsack straps and over-shoulder straps because there’s just too freaking much going on!

IMG_1129 IMG_1128

The front passes for cute.  The back? Too much.  I know what I need to do to fix it (take off the damn knapsack straps, that’s what), but I need to psych myself up for undoing a lot lot lot lot of stitching to get to the bag’s innards once again.

In other “too freaking much going on” news, today was National Running Day. Die-hard nuts runners from my running club met at a local track at 5:30am, set out for a 5-ish mile jaunt and then finished up with bagels. Yum. (an aside: if you want good bagels, come to NJ. Don’t even think your bagels come close to being good.)


We were all a little surprised that so many of us turned out–but then again, who’s busy at 5:30am?  Only sleeping people, that’s who.

We printed off the obligatory I Run… bibs–here’s mine:



Right now I need both pieces/peaces…the end of the school year typically coincides with my work’s major fundraiser, but this year is super-duper special with Thing 1 graduating and even more “too freaking much going on.”

So for Juneathon Day 4, I got in my 5 mile peace of mind, but am still waiting for my piece of pie.  Which I will not be baking anytime soon–there’s still too freakin’ much going on.

Juneathon totals:

  • Miles ran today: 5
  • Total miles: 13
  • # of bagels consumed on NRD: 2
  • # of pieces of pie?: 0 (sadly)
  • # of projects made: 1
  • # of projects to be un-made: 1


  1. I love the bag fabric and the fact that you can make a bag at all. So. Freaking. Talented. And the finish is very very neat. 5.30 am run? Not a chance.

  2. can you make the back pack straps removable, too? then you won’t have so many straps around when you don’t need them. You could even set up the shoulder and back pack straps to be the same straps.
    I hope July is calmer for you and you get pie. And I do miss those good bagels. We don’t get them here in northern New England.

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