drawing a blank

I want to live up to the acrostic poem challenge, but am having a hard time coming up with a great June word.

There’s GRADUATION, because that’s where Thing 1 is headed, and not a moment too soon. He’s ready to leave.  I’m ready to have him leave.  Not in a bad way, but you can really see him chomping at the bit to goooooo. But GRADUATION is a long word, and we still have two weeks to go, so I’ll pass on that one.

How about YEARBOOK? Today they were issued, all 400 pages! Did you just gasp? I certainly did–yes, Thing 1’s high school yearbook is 400 pages! There are only 133 graduates. Then I saw on FB that the clique-y lacrosse mom group bought their own page to celebrate themselves. Not quite sure how I feel about this, so nope, I won’t be making a poem from YEARBOOK

Of course, there’s CELEBRATE (too expected), SENIOR CLASS TRIP (too many words), SHORE WEEK (a bizarre town tradition that involves sending our freshly minted grads DTS–down the shore–for a week of unsupervised debauchery, which ironically immediately follows Project Graduation, an evening designed to keep these kids alcohol and drug free so they actually survive graduation night.  Thing 1 and his crew are doing something different and supervised).

I think I’m going to go with BLANKET


Last night during (yet another) totally frightful episode of Breaking Bad, I finished up this crib blanket. (that’s one of my foam rollers for scale). And no, I did not finish this up because we need a crib blanket chez Sato (heaven forbid!). Instead, it’s for my neighbors who just welcomed a baby boy into their family!   This blanket was nine years in the making (I put it down in the middle of a row way back in 2005)–that, in and of itself, speaks not only to the tedium of a stockinette stitch project, but also to world of parenthood that my young neighbors have just walked into.

So here you go, another Juneathon poem:

Baby Kellen*, welcome! Kristen & Sean, you already

Love him with all your heart

And soul.

Never mind how big he gets. You

Know that he’ll always be your baby,

Even when it’s

Time for him to go

(wow, that’s a load of mush. it must be the yearbook speaking). Any more poems out there?

Juneathon totals:

  • day 6 miles: 5
  • total miles: 18.5
  • # of poems: 2
  • # of knit projects completed: 1
  • # of years needed to finish: 9

*yep, that’s the baby’s name. And nope, I’m not saying a thing.



  1. So sweet! I would be so challenged if I had to write and acrostic, I’d probably pick “run” as my word since it is short and I am not creative at all. A haiku, maybe?

    1. I only knew of this style because of National Poetry Month (April) and my 4th grader’s having to do one (with her name, which made me a hero in her mind for giving her a 4 letter name, as opposed to Madeline or Alexandra)

      1. Thank you for introducing me to the term! I recall being assigned many poems like this in grade school, but I never knew they had a name.

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