A gift

Today I have been given a most valuable gift: time! From 2-4:30pm I have no obligations (my project graduation work ends at noon), no youngest child to mind (Thing 3’s at a birthday party), no husband (karate), no older Things (jobs).  I am unfettered!

And with my Day 7 Juneathon taken care of with my 7 mile morning run…well, I am just paralyzed with indecision! What should I do? Weed the garden (it’s in desperate need)?Declutter my house (again, much needed)? Grocery shop? Nap? Play 2048? Read? I really want to decide now, because once it hits 2pm, I don’t want to waste a valuable second of this rare, rare gift.

Stay tuned until tomorrow!

Juneathon stats:

  • today’s miles: 7
  • total Juneathon miles: 25
  • # of hours in a day: 24
  • # of hours today belonging solely to me: 2.5!


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