I need to pay my photographer more

Remember the good ole days of the interwebs (like, maybe, 2009?), when photography (especially that showing off new finished projects) consisted of selfies snapped in bathroom mirrors? Or by toddlers?

I have not progressed beyond that.

Yes, if it wasn’t obvious by now, this is how I spent my 2.5 hours of free time yesterday. But those 2.5 hours actually turned into an entire night (!) as Thing 3 was invited to a sleepover after the birthday party. Lucky me.

Except not so lucky.  The Anna dress (By Hand London) is just lovely.  The fabric I chose for it, though, not so much.  Actually, it’s a lovely Japanese linen, but it’s a tad too heavy for the pattern, and, and this is the killer, slightly itchy where the seams are.

Also unlucky–the pattern is rated beginner, but it took me ages–all of my own doing. I forgot to label the pattern pieces, so I assembled the 7 panel skirt out of order, which meant the bodice seams did not match up with the skirt panel seams, and yes, shit like that bothers me.  Moreover, I ignored the kajillion of blog posts noting that the upper back is wide, so once I had the zipper in (another trial) and I tried the dress on for size, I saw the IGB (incredible gaping back).  By this time it was nearly 9pm (and yes, I’d been working on it since about 2:30pm), I hadn’t eaten dinner, and I was grouchy. So I put the dress away.

My Juneathon four mile + 4 hill sprints run helped me figure out what I needed to do. Upon return home, I woke up the Mister, handed him a bunch of pins, and had him start pinning away the excess along the upper back neckline. Slightly more than 1″ per side. And yes, I know I’m lucky that 1. the Mister doesn’t get grouchy when awoken by his crazy wife to help pin a dress and 2. that he actually took the task seriously–at one point showing me that if he pinned more (which he could, because there was extra fabric), then the cap sleeve would get a bit wonky.

Which is why the fashion shots show me with my running bra and one running shoe.  After pinning, I couldn’t even bear to wait any longer, so I sat my sweaty self down, ripped out the zip, and started again.

Ahhhh, much better.

Juneathon stats:

  • today’s miles: 4.47
  • total Juneathon miles: 29.7
  • # of dresses sewn: 1
  • # of times the stupid invisible zip got sewn in, ripped out and then re-sewn in: 3
  • # of times I thought: give this up and go back to knitting: too many to count


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