Dank 6 miles

It’s been a showery, humid, dank and clammy day–it was not hot, but the humidity was up there. Running this morning was out of the question–pouring rain, and Thing 1 and I had to visit his college to register for classes.  Lucky for me, the rain stopped about mid-day, the Mister was able to catch an early train, and I got out the door at 7pm for my 6 mile on/off run–a 2 mile warm up, then 10x 45 sec at 7:45 pace and 45 sec recovery, then a 2 mile cool down. 

I wear glasses for distance, but usually don’t run with them (unless it’s sunny; my aviators are prescription). I think I see better in the morning, because tonight, everything was a blur! When my garmin beeped to tell me to begin my intervals, I thought the pace was 9:10. It wasn’t until the 3rd set that I realized the 9:10 was actually 7:45 (I know, way off). I also thought I only had to do 6 sets, but really, it was ten. I can’t blame my eyesight on that, though, just bad reading skills.  Anyways, after two slow sets, I did hit my paces, which pleased me to no end, especially since I have so much trouble adjusting to the warmer, more humid temps.

As an aside, Thing 1 and I had a great day at his college–Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA.  He met with his advisor, picked his freshman seminar and desired classes, signed up for a meal plan, learned that potentially he could place out of his language requirement (by taking an exam in Japanese), and that even if he wants to study physics and math, there are opportunities to study abroad. He met a few other students with similar interests, one who had even been to the same concert he had attended this past weekend.  The last thing he did was sign the matriculation book:






  1. I am really bad about wearing my glasses, I am noticing though there will come a point when I have to wear them.
    How exciting as a mom to get your guy all ready for college, they grow up so fast!

  2. I can’t run with glasses – contacts for me. I have horrible eyesight, and something about the world moving by out of focus in my peripheral vision beyond my glasses makes me feel a little ill when I run.

    The words “study abroad” in your post perked me. I was at one time a study abroad adviser in an engineering college. I still try to encourage young people to take advantage of a fantastic experience to learn about the world. Go, Thing 1!

    • I’m so glad to hear that some engineering schools encourage this–many of the science programs we looked at were less than enthusiastic about study abroad–one reason why we like Muhlenberg–even with an science-intense schedule, they encourage their science students to really plan ahead so they can take advantage of these opportunities. Since his other interest is fine art, he really wants to spend a semester in Italy.

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