Small and round

That was my lunch today. Everything had to be small and round and either green or dark purple: olives, green grapes, Bing cherries.  Supplemented with other foods that are ochre-colored: piave cheese and crackers.

Today was not a scheduled rest day, but I took the liberty of re-arranging my schedule, as I awoke yet again to the sound of rain on the roof and was just not interested in getting wet. After building my ark, I made my way to work…ha ha ha, just kidding, but not really.  I could have used an ark on my commute as the spritzy light rain turned into a deluge during which I could barely see the front end of my car from my vantage point in the driver’s seat…and I drive a mini cooper.

So instead of running, after my small, round lunch, I headed into the gym at my work to use the weight machines. I only did one circuit, and now I can barely hold my arms up. I did chest presses, bicep curls, tricep dips and some quad thing. I’m going to keep working at this. Maybe. We’ll see how my arms feel tomorrow.




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