Otherwise known as Benjamin Moore’s Banana Yellow.

I am covered in it.

So is the Sneetch Tunnel for Project Graduation

IMG_1207 IMG_1209


I’m gonna put it right out there: painting (especially in sunny heat) counts as exercise. And no, I didn’t do this alone–there were some painting the raspberry floor, and two dads with extension brushes working on the tippy tops. I was using a roller brush and then there were a few other women following behind, cutting in the edges, with paint brushes.

The Sneetch tunnel will lead to the party tent, which was installed today:

IMG_1205 IMG_1208

Just in case vampires decide to crash project graduation, we have a few stakes to protect ourselves.

Slowly but surely this set, because that’s basically what it is, one giant set, is coming together. But this week is critical–we’ve got to pimp out that tent and turn it into one huge Dr. Seuss playland.

All of that, plus my 4 morning miles, meant I was perfectly spent by early afternoon. And we’re back again tomorrow for even more.

Juneathon stats:

  • Today’s miles: 4
  • Juneathon total mileage: 51 (woot–over 50!)
  • # of Sneetch tunnel pieces painted: 5
  • # of Sneetch tunnel pieces left: 2
  • # of days until graduation: 6
  • # of project graduation parents freaking out?: maybe every single one of us…

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