I want to ride my bicycle

I want to…wear my bike?



The Anna dress by By Hand London. LOVE this dress. Still not sure about the leprechaun green fabric (somehow it was less, um, green when I bought it). Oh well. I love the fit and the style. And today, with our sunny, hot and humid weather, it was perfect.  And a shout out to By Hand London’s customer service.  I ordered the pattern April 28, and it hadn’t arrived by the end of May, so I emailed, and within 4 four days the pattern was sitting on my front porch with a kind apology note for the lost pattern. And then the next day, another package arrived from London containing what was the original pattern.

I have no need for two Anna dress patterns, so I’m going to offer the uncut pattern as a give-away.  Any takers? Shipping’s on me.  First person to indicate they want it in the comment section–it’s yours.  No need to publicize your addy–I’ll contact you.

Most likely wearing a bicycle patterned dress does NOT count for Juneathon activity, and today was a scheduled rest day, and I forgot my kit to take to work for basketball, so my morning squats, hip thrusts and clams will have to suffice.

Tomorrow we’re projected to reach 91F.  That’s an 86 degree difference between my Janathon and Juneathon running temps. Boggles the mind.




  1. Paige – dress is fantastic, really suits you. Your rapid sewing prowess never fails to impress. I can do a bit of sewing , but it takes me an age and usually involves a lot of corner cutting ( and not in a planned fashion way ) and abandonment often ensues. I promised to make my daughter a quilt to take to University, and 3 years later she is graduating – quiltless , may have to reschedule for her first born 🙂
    I have fallen off the blogging wagon , so trying to catch up, so enjoying your jam packed life.

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