oh dear…

between the shouting gaming 18 year olds and the gaggle of 10 year old girls giggling in the TV room, I’m not sure which will drive me crazy first…

But my big news is that I MISSED A DAY OF BLOGGING! Yikes!

June 18th was a good day–a 6 mile on/off run, hitting most of my paces even in the hot and humid temps.  In the evening, my coworker hosted our team for dinner, and boy, we had such a great time, which translated into a very late evening.

And today was an easy four miles, which I did cut short (rain!), but probably shouldn’t have as I needed to figure out a cooking schedule in my head for my 14 guests arriving tomorrow for Thing 1’s graduation.

The seniors have walking practice until noon, and my guests are arriving around 1pm-ish. Graduation is at 7.  Instead of trying to find a restaurant to accommodate a party of 19 (with 7 small children), I decided to host a buffet instead.  My mother kindly shipped a ham to me, but the Mister and I are making the sides–German potato salad, an edamame salad, an asparagus and tomato salad, and chirashi-zushi–a sushi dish (the Mister’s making that). Red velvet cake for dessert. A variety of breads and rolls. Fruit salad too. Maybe. Oh, and strawberry rhubarb pie. The big conundrum–when to start cooking? I’m a little spent from the cleaning already (but my first floor looks amazing), so I guess I’ll start tomorrow.  Oddly enough (or maybe not), my priority is the pie. Right after my 7 mile run.

Stay tuned…this could be a train wreck in the making.



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