On this 22nd day of Juneathon…

1. PR!

Because I didn’t have enough going on this weekend, I ran a local 5k that I’ve been itching to run for the past 4 years but have never had the chance as I’m usually out of town for work on this weekend in June.  The Lager Run is in my backyard. Most of the route is part of my morning 4 miles, and the race director is a member of my running club, so it’s an event we all turn out for.  We lucked out with our weather–cool, breezy, no humidity. My coach gave me a pretty aggressive goal of breaking 26:00, with a stretch goal of 25:30. My chip time: 25:39! This is a huge drop from my previous PR of 26:48.

2. Two new projects!

These are the Raven shorts by Sinbad and Sailor. I chose them because they didn’t call for either buttons or zippers, instead using snaps with articulated pockets. This time around I actually made a muslin (the blue pair). Of course, the waist was too big (I expected this), so I fooled around and put some back darts in , which solved the problem. Then I moved onto my real fabric, which ended up not being the right kind of fabric for this type of short–each of the squares is sewn to the other, creating too many bulky seams. Oh well, live and learn.

The shirt is Datura from Doe & Deer. LOVE this. The armholes are the right depth, the yoke is lined, and I did the side seams using French seams, so there are no icky seams to worry about.  The pattern calls for actual button holes, etc., but I chose to make the buttons unfunctional. The fabric is an amazing Liberty print.  Cutting into this was almost as scary as racing the 5k, but all’s well that ends well.

3. More graduation pics

I am so lucky our entire family could make it for Thing 1’s graduation. We typically are only all together once a year (and sometimes not even that).  Part of the fun of the day was 1. the SAM photo collage my sister made (these are all actual photos that she literally cut and paste onto poster board.  2. the selfie I got to take with my namesake niece, 3. the sibling line-up, as always in order of height. We have been lining up like this since high school. 4. Thing 1 with his grandparents. 5. Thing 1 marching.  I was confused as to how the kids marched into the ceremony. It wasn’t alphabetical, nor was it by sex. After asking Thing 1, I learned that the kids got to choose whom they marched with, and then marched in by height, more or less.

And thus ended what was possibly the busiest weekend we’ve had Chez Sato in a very long time.


  1. Wonderful, wonderful all of it, Paige. From the incredible 5km time, to the shorts but especially, everything to do with that great family event. Congrats all round!

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