Fear of….

I shared with Red Hen the other day a New Yorker article on reading that mentions the ubiquitous FOMO (fear of missing out).

FOMO plays a larger than it should role in my life and is often the impetus for my doing things. FOMO can be a positive motivator (it led me to Japan, which had a huge impact on my life). It can also be detrimental (many of my UFOs are a result of my FOMO of the latest and greatest projects).

Today, however, I suffered from FOSD (Fear of Sitting Down). And not because of too much exercise (which might lead to my never getting up again).  My FOSD was brought about by the WOTWP (wearing of the white pants) which is perfectly allowable after Memorial Day, but for some reason I have it stuck in my head that it truly needs to be summer vacation before the WOTWP begins.

Anyways, today I wore the white pants, and thus began not only my FOSD, but also my FOSF (fear of spilling food).  I picked a tricky day to juggle these fears as I had to go into the city for the start of a KAL (knit-along) for my work, which meant:

  • having to find sit-able spots at the train station, on the train, the subway and then on a park bench
  • walking (with many bags) and carrying my iced coffee
  • eating my lunch not at a table but in a park

I lived on the edge and did not brush off either the train or subway seats (don’t want to be thought of as a fussbudget) and actually had a curried chicken sandwich (with a messy tomato) for lunch. And my iced coffee was filled to the brim. I was reminded twice by kind shopkeepers (at both the starbucks and the deli) to be careful of my pants. (note to self: I must look like a hot mess if twenty-somethings are reminding me to be careful of my white pants).

Well, I was. Careful of my pants that is. And I returned home having conquered my FOSD and FOSF, until the next WOTWP. Which may take awhile as it’s quite exhausting. And I’m counting the exertion that went into that exhaustion as part of my Juneathon activity.

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