Mercury rising?

Juneathon may be winding down, but everything else seems to be heating up!

My merino wool performance wear project took some leaps and bounds over the past few days, and I am now the proud owner of…drum roll please…TECH PACKS!

What, pray tell, is a tech pack? Tech packs are the specs factories need to manufacture garments. So I’ve got my tech packs and now they’re being sent off to a pattern maker (who will create the sizing specs for all the pieces) and the sample maker (who will sew up the patterns).  What this basically means is that in about 3-5 weeks I’ll have prototypes!

This entire process has been such a learning experience. Sourcing the merino wool? That was easy peasy. The trims? Such a bear!  I spent weeks researching ZIPPERS.  (they’re not that interesting). Did you know there’s such a thing as “fluffy thread?” Nope. Neither did I. But there is.  And it’s used in athletic wear to prevent chafing.

I started this project in August of last year. The end of this first stage is finally in sight. Then starts the hard(er) and scarier part–bringing it all to market.

Which makes Juneathon look like a walk in the park.  Today was a 4 mile recovery run.

  • # miles to date (oh, and guess who just figured out that Garmin actually calculated monthly totals? Yeah, that would be me.  Guess I can put my calculator away): 89.8 miles.
  • # of tech packs: 5
  • # of months I’ve been working on this project: 10
  • # of fingers crossed that it will come to fruition: 4





  1. Oh, you brave woman! On you go. Seems like no length since you declared you’re heading in another business direction. Sounds like it’s getting to a really exciting stage now that you’re passed zipper frenzy. Good luck with it all!

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