Does sitting count?

Does sitting in a car for 4.5 hours to travel 45.6 miles count as exercise?

It better, ’cause that’s all I got today.

But if that doesn’t, does furiously packing a 10 year old’s month away from home count?

Being the Last Minute Lucy that I am, and too exhausted after last night’s race, this morning was a flurry of activity as Thing 3 and I got her life in order for four weeks away from home–one in Maine with my sister and her tribe before she starts 3 weeks of sleep-away camp (also in Maine). She left with (among other things): four swim suits, 19 pair of underwear, 3 pair of socks, a picture of the family, stationary (but no pencils), stamps, 5 books, 3 sweatshirts, a raincoat, 7 pairs of shorts, 2 beach towels, one bath towel, a skirt for vespers service, a sleeping bag and pillow, and Sparkle, her stuffed rabbit.  Last year, I used the checklist the camp provided so Thing 3 understood exactly what she was bringing (and correspondingly, what was expected to return home).  All her clothing was diligently labeled with a sharpie.  This year–nada. Sometimes I think Thing 3 deserves more of the attention usually attributed to a first-born, but then I see her in action–she’s got more problem-solving skills than Thing 1 or 2 put together–and I know she’ll be just fine.   But I’m going to miss her so much!




  1. Good Lord, it’s hard enough to fit in the blogging part of Juneathon, never mind all the daily exercise. I don’t, of course. But you’ve been brill. And of course, all of that frenetic activity counts!

  2. The camp packing is a rite of passage. Your home will seem very quiet over the next month. But why 4.5 hours to travel 45 miles? This seems more like your running pace. A giant backup re roadwork crews?

    • Just regular old traffic. My sister’s apt is in queens, and the most direct route is through midtown manhattan. But it’s not city traffic that’s slow–it’s the Lincoln tunnel (on my side) and either the queens/midtown tunnel or bridge (on her side). I should have met up with her in NH ‘cuz that’s where 4.5 hours usually gets me.

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