The take-away

Tonight was my 2nd race of the week–The Sunset Classic, a 5 miler in a neighboring town.  It was not as great as my 5k on Sunday, but since it was my first 5 miler, it’s a PR by default. The results haven’t posted, but I came in at 47:08 according to my Garmin. Meh.

When I first started racing, every race was a learning experience. It still is, but the lessons have become more subtle.  Today, though, lessons came at every turn.  Here they are:

  • humidity sucks. The day wasn’t overbearingly hot (mid 80s), but the humidity was really high. I need to figure out how to breathe in this weather.
  • I like to run with music, but recently, I’ve realized that I listen less and less to the lyrics, it’s more habit than need.  But in today’s race, since it was a USATF race and I was part of a competing team headsets were not allowed, and my inner voice, the one that complains about heat, humidity, potholes, etc. just wouldn’t shut up.  I think I use the music to drown out that voice.
  • I’m not a spring chicken–two races in one week are tough, even shorter distances.
  • Being part of a running club is awesome–a huge benefit to running close to home is having built-in cheerleaders.  It was especially motivating for the last 300 meters around the track–just hearing “go Paige!” over and over and over made me pick up the pace and finish strong.

In other news, right after I posted about FOSD and TWOTWP, I sat in red velvet graduation cake.

Juneathon totals:

  • today’s miles: 5
  • total Juneathon miles: 99.8 miles
  • lessons learned: 4
  • PR’s earned: 2
  • cakes sat in while wearing white pants: 1




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