In the form of pie.

Tonight was a friends’ “white trash” party, and everyone was supposed to bring a pie.


(it’s not done yet)

Yes, I made a mock apple pie–it’s basically Ritz crackers with corn syrup, butter and cinnamon in a pie crust.

I had read about this type of pie in Jeffrey Steingarten’s The Man Who Ate Everything, a wonderful food science book full of recipes you think you should try but don’t, except for the chocolate chip cookie recipe that uses like 7 lbs of butter (and which are heaven, btw).

I also made a three berry pie (blueberry, raspberry, strawberry) with a crumble top just in case the ritz cracker pie was a dud. I shouldn’t have worried, it wasn’t.

Other pies represented: cherry, chocolate, blueberry, coconut, meringue, and the hard to categorize: ho-ho, ding-dong, devil dog, twinkie pie:


Good thing my new skirt (Liesl’s “everyday skirt) has an elastic waist:

Because I don’t think 5 miles of running = 3 pieces of pie.

Juneathon totals:

  • today’s miles: 5
  • total miles: 104
  • # of pies at party: 9
  • # of pieces eaten: 3 (but I did refrain from the fried Oreos. really).


  1. I like to eat rubbish, Paige, truly I do, but I don’t think I could hack that party. I like the skirt, though. And good going on breaking the 100 mile barrier for this month!

    • I’m with you on the rubbish food. Hard to swallow (in more ways than one). I operate under the “anything in moderation” mode, and moderation, in this case, was a few tiny bites.

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