And on the last day…

she rested.  

But I realized this morning that I had missed yet another blog post (the 29th), when actually my day was chock full of activity: 10 miles of running and then volunteering at a kids’ track meet.

If you thought 10 miles was tough, try getting a bunch of 4 year olds to wait (patiently) for their heat in the 50 meter dash. I resorted to having them sit:


These are only the girls.  There were boys, too.  Let’s just say I herded cats for awhile. (oh, and the curly-q in the pink tank staring at the camera–she’s a sprinter!)

The track meet was the brainchild of a fellow running club member–three years ago he decided to have 3 drop-in meets a summer (end of June/early July).  For $5, you could bring your child, have them run as many events as they would like, and walk home with a pocket full of ribbons and a t-shirt.  The first summer a few dozen kids showed up. Last summer, over 100. Yesterday? 275!   Lots of friends from the running club came out to volunteer, and it’s a good thing there were so many hands on deck.  But it was exhausting. In addition to being in charge of 4 year olds, I got to help with t-shirt distribution, money collection, and ribbon distribution. The meet started at 5 and ended at 8:30.  Good thing our local bar is only a block from the track. 

As for Juneathon,  I missed 3 blogging days, but I did exercise everyday (although my rest days were usually PT exercises).  I’ve made it nearly half a year without an injury (knocking on wood), so I’m happy with my mileage and conditioning.   I’m also pleased that I got to write some poems and read some even better ones. Like Tom’s experiment with the kids’ track series, Juneathon keeps exploding with fun.  Thank goodness, though, we don’t have to keep up with the 4 year olds.

Juneathon stats:

  • Total Juneathon miles: 115 (exactly! according to mr. garmin)
  • Total workouts: 21
  • Total time: 19:34:41
  • New PRs: 5K, 5M 
  • Newly minted high school graduates: 1
  • # of things sewn or knit: 6 (5 sewn, 1 knit)




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