Of mice and men

and 47 Things

you know, like those best laid plans often going awry…

A year comes around so much more quickly than it should. I actually thought doing 47 things would not be so difficult–cripes, there are 365 days in the year.  So, what’s that, one thing every 7 and 3/4 days? I just had to do one thing only once a week. But I fell short. Badly.  Stuck at 25.

I know there are some things I forgot to add–like the day I complimented this guy’s shoes in NY.  I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a bigger smile from a complete stranger. When I was in San Diego, I had dinner with a small group of Europeans who insisted the practice of tipping was inherently wrong. But we had a fabulous waitress, and when they left the table (after leaving a paltry less than 10% tip I think just to anger me) I added enough cash to make up for the rudeness (and wrote a note on the receipt indicating that I thought her service was spectacular). I didn’t add any of the milestones I’ve reached while working on my tech wool project. And after awhile, adding all my new sewing projects just got a bit tedious.  On top of all that, there was the whole ebb and flow of the underlying Thing 2 issue. Let’s just leave it at it’s been a busy year.

I may not have reached my goal, but the process definitely made me expand my horizons. I’m a much more confident sewer (what is up with that word!) person who sews. I took more risks, and they mostly have turned out good. (or at least haven’t hurt anyone in the process.) I’ve become more mindful of how a good attitude or simple pleasantry can have a positive impact on others. This is all good stuff.  It made for a really great year.



  1. Nice work on the mitzvoth. Yeah, y goal this year after turning 66 was to run 66 miles on Route 66. I’m about 51 miles short. Other interesting stuff got in the way.

  2. Sounds like you can count in a different mindset and way of viewing things as well, which is probably the whole point to begin with — and makes for a great result when it happens.

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