Happy National Tapioca Pudding Day?

Maybe it’s fitting…the country that actually celebrates declaring its independence two days after actually declaring it.

Maybe there were thunderstorms way back in 1776.


This year our two firework celebrations (one scheduled correctly for July 2, the other for tonight) have been postponed, allowing Mother Nature’s fireworks to take precedence. (note: I didn’t take any of these images; they come from news sources.  I, like my cat, was cowering under a blanket binge-watching Orange is the New Black and hoping the power stayed on til the end. Because in each of the photos, where I live is already under that big black armageddon-like cloud.)

The July 4th fireworks will take place tomorrow evening.  The July 2nd ones have been postponed until National Tapioca Pudding Day. Or, National Gummy Worm Day. Or National Cow Appreciation Day–take your pick, clearly we Americans love to celebrate days of particular significance.  (BTW, it’s July 15th if you weren’t already in the know)

So while today may be a bit of a bust, I am so looking forward to enjoying my delayed Independence Day fireworks on July 15th with some tapioca pudding (maybe mixed with gummy bears) in the company of all the newly appreciated (and liberated?) cows.

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