Welcome Luna

for the time being…



Thing 2 found Luna in a park near our home. Supposedly she walked right up to Thing 2 and allowed herself to be captured picked up and brought into our home.  She is with us on a trial basis, and Thing 2 has several obligations to fulfill in order to keep her.  If those obligations aren’t met, the Miser, I mean Mister, will take Luna to our local shelter. Thing 2 doesn’t have a great track record with rule-following. His money’s on the shelter. Mine is on Thing 2. She may not have a great track record, but she’s also as determined as the dickens. It’s been 3 days. So far, so good.  Our current cat, Flipper, is not happy with Luna. In fact, you know that scene in Shrek when Puss ‘N Boots’ eyes get all misty/teary?  THAT was exactly the expression on Flipper’s face when Luna came bouncing into the TV room Sunday night.

So far this summer has been one of ships passing in the night. With Thing 3 at camp, the rest of us float in and out of the house, with the only constant being dinner at 7pm. Sometimes I’m the only one partaking. Thing 1 has the most confusing schedule between his lifeguarding job/restaurant job and then trying to capture the most of his last summer as a kid.  Therefore, it was rather amusing this morning, 3 days after Luna’s arrival, to be greeted by a Thing 1 (who obviously woke himself up to share what he thought would be news): “Mom, there’s a strange little cat in our house.”

Yep, there’s a strange little cat in our house. Hopefully for a long time.





  1. LOL!! It is funny how out of step they get, and they haven’t even left yet. A common comment around here: “When did THAT happen?”

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