So long Stockholm!

The Mister and I just finished our 3 short days in Stockholm–seemingly even shorter because one was spent in a jet-lagged haze (after a nighttime flight from Newark). But what a lovely city!

We rode the hop on/hop off bus, took a canal tour, and a bike tour, but my favorite spot was the Nordisk Museet and their textile room–a gallery filled with drawers, each was like finding yet another present under the Christmas tree!


Inside? A treasure trove! (Forgive the randomness of the pics–the wordpress app’s not letting me make galleries)








The museum was also having an exhibit on stripes, just about my favorite pattern ever (after tartan, which of course is stripes of both the horizontal and vertical ilk)






We both enjoyed Swedish food, maybe the Mister just a bit more than me, given his affinity for fish of any kind. I was good, though, and didn’t turn up my nose at the pickled herring at breakfast. However, going without iced coffee (especially in Sweden’s heat) has been hard. The 2nd morning, I figured I just make some myself, by adding my hot coffee to mug of ice. The dining room though didn’t have any ice, and suggested I ask the front desk. The front desk informed me the ice machine and cups were on the 4th fl. I climbed the stairs only to discover I needed my room key card to access the stairwell door. I returned to the dining room for the key, climbed the stairs again (oh, did I mention this was after my 7 mile, 5×1000 with 400m recovery workout? It was.), opened the door, found the ice machine, and discovered no cups. I returned to the dining room, grabbed 2 cups and once again made for the stairs. Finally! I put the cup under the dispenser and waited. The machine gurgled and spit out one (!) ice cube. Of course it missed the cup and skidded across the floor. I almost cried. But as I moved the cup, the machine started up again. Thank freakin’ god! I returned to the dining room to my cold toast. But it was the best lukewarm coffee ever!


Now we’re in Copenhagen. Since I’ve got the coffee thing figured out, I expect breakfast to go much more smoothly!


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