To Market, to market

but not for a fat pig.

The Mister and I are finally home, but the Europe trip saga continues with our stop in Belgium.  The Mister and I and his bag made it to Brussels in timely fashion.  My bag, however, decided to take a side-trip somewhere else for (what turned out to be) a few days.

Of course this would happen on the one trip that I would spend, honestly, months planning for–this wardrobe was the most considered, pinned, matchy-matchy, coordinating wardrobe I’ve ever put together.  Every. Single. Piece. in that bag had to work with every. other. piece., and as a result, I was able to pack for a 2 week trip with only 3 bottoms, 4 tops and 2 sweaters. Nothing in my luggage was irreplaceable, but I did have my tech wool samples in there to show a friend of an acquaintance in Antwerp (who has some cut & sew connections).  So I did not handle my bag’s disappearance very well. It didn’t help that the airline didn’t have a physical presence in Brussels and outsourced its lost luggage to a 3rd party whose only instruction to me at the airport was “call often and we’ll update you” and then subsequently never picked up the phone.

To drown our sorrows (because you can only imagine how miserable my misery was making the Mister), we participated in a beer tour after reaching our hotel.

There were a dozen of us on the tour–a family of 6 from Texas, and then three more couples from varying other places.  The family of 6 was taking their 18 year old son on a “beer trip through Europe” before he started at the University of Mississippi in a few short weeks.  (readers will note that the Mister and I chose to leave our 18 year old at home.) The tour was about 4 hours long, and basically you got about a half of each of 8 different beers. The Texas family was having a hard time pulling their own weight, though, so there was extra going around. (It turns out that the Texas family’s beer of choice is Michelob Light.)  Considering the amount of time the Mister and I had spent at the airport dealing with the lost bag issue, we hadn’t really had any meals before the beer tour.  Add to that the fact that the Texas family was holding out for their Mich Lite, and you can just guess things got messy.


Thank goodness waffles are filling. And yes, that’s chocolate splattered all over my face. And, as it turns out, all over the only outfit I currently own.

The next day, since I had appointment to make on Tuesday in Antwerp and my countless phone calls to the Finder of the Lost Bag company were unanswered, we spent some time shopping to get myself an outfit appropriate for meeting a friend of an acquaintance (i.e. one that’s not sticky with chocolate, or wet from being washed in the sink). Replacements purchased, we continued sight-seeing around the city, and treated ourselves to a scrumptious meal of mussels and steak frites.

The next morning–MIRACLE–my bag arrived. To celebrate the Mister and I took a nice run to the Cinquantenaire Park.

We then caught the train for Antwerp.

OMG! What a train station! When we got out, I was thinking how familiar this all looked, and then in dawned on me.  It’s THIS train station:

It’s even more awesome in person.

Before the Mister and I set out for our separate appointments, we had time to visit the Cathedral and Rubens.

We only had three short, distracted days in Belgium.  But the food was amazing and the sites were so grand, I know I will be back.


  1. Having just spent 2 short days in Brussels myself, and fallen in love with the Antwerp train station, I love your post! I’m so glad your luggage arrived at last. Of all the places we went on our honeymoon, Brussels is high on the list of places to return to. (As a former 18-year-old, I would have been mortified if my parents had taken me on a beer tour in Europe, eek! Thankfully, they let me do it with my two best friends from high school – and we are still friends, decades later!)

  2. Hey, thanks for all the ” Likes.” I think that we might have been in Europe around the same time. I had travelled in Europe for business but never for vacation. It’s a different world when you get to have fun. I agree. I would have left any 18 year olds at home too. And who goes to Europe to drink Michelob Lite?

  3. Brussels is awesome..I spent a week there with my husband and two (then 6 and 8 year old) sons years ago and we had a great time. Every city should have waffle trucks everywhere! And I feel for you about your luggage; we went to Ireland in June and after a horrific flight that was super late, they lost our luggage as well. Everything was going so bad that I wasn’t even surprised to not see out bags on the carousel. It took a day and a half to get them back and was super annoying. At least everything else was great, there was nowhere to go but up at that point!

    • The waffle truck is just about the best invention ever. And I agree–it’s sad to be one of the last people standing around that carousel, watching and waiting while some other person’s bag is going by. Where is that person? Where is my bag? And you’re right–there’s nowhere to go but up at that point!

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