While I have a love/hate relationship with all of my tech gear, I do greatly appreciate the affirmations Bia sends after each and every run.  And yes, I realized today as the screen flashed, that I am indeed grateful.  Grateful for nearly 8 full months of injury-free (which, btw, I’ve come to learn doesn’t mean “ache and pain free”) runs. Grateful for a happy college frosh. Grateful to have ventured far and wide this summer, and grateful for close-to-home adventures as well. 


I’m still aiming for that sub 2:00 half marathon, and as the fates have it, I’ll get two shots at it this fall. There’s the Newport Liberty Half Marathon on Sept. 21 here in Jersey (the new one).  It’s got a reputation as being either either 12.8 or 13.4 miles long (way too many turns and tangents) and a bit boring, but it’s also very flat.  Three weeks after that, on Oct. 11, I have to be in Hartford, Ct for work, and lucky for me there’s the Nu Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon. This event has a great reputation, both for its course and for the food offered at the finish line.

Although I’ve set my sights on these two races (which are fast approaching! Yikes!), my summer of fun has made my training feel, well, less than intense. But when I look back at my workouts, I realize that I’ve been plugging along at a fairly good clip, with the exception of week 2 in Europe, when I skipped my long runs.  My weekly mileage has been inching up there from the mid 20s to close to 40 this week (37.7!).  My running club has also offered some coached speed workouts, so the past few Wednesday nights I’ve laced up again for some shorter, speedier workouts. 

Who knows how this will all pan out.  I feel strong.  All the niggles are being kept at bay. Last week I ran an 8 mile tempo run in the morning (increasing my pace each two miles from 9:30 to 8:40 over the 8 miles) and then did my 6x800s (3 min recovery) at 8:12 pace for my speed workout. And I didn’t fall apart.  Even better, I could have done more. Which makes me think that the only obstacle between me and my sub 2:00 goal is my head. But are there workouts for that? 

Sewing & Knitting

There’s something about being separated from my sewing machine that made me nervous about breaking it out again. So yesterday I ramped up some courage and whipped up a pair of these city gym shorts.

IMG_2586 IMG_2593 IMG_2594

I was between sizes, and vainly choose to go with the smaller of the two. Apparently, we ate well in Europe and I’m still fighting that battle of the bulge.  But this was all stash fabric/leftovers, so I’m considering it a wearable muslin.  The win though is that my sewing machine is not a stranger any longer.

I’ve got a couple knitting projects in the works:

bowen-05 ravello

I’m working on the stripy one now–it was my Europe airplane sweater, but given that the flight was so short (I’m really used to those 14 hour trans-pacific trips), I didn’t get much done.  I’m on the body now.  The other sweater I’ve got to resize for my bulkier yarn.  Plus I’m going to color-block it. 

Local Sightseeing

With Thing 1 gone, we took advantage of being a family of 4 that can all fit in the mini cooper and took a day trip into NYC to do the Highline.  This has been on my bucket list for quite awhile.  The Highline is a reclaimed elevated rail line on the lower west side of Manhattan (between the mid teens and 30th st thereabouts) that’s been recycled into a walking park.  It’s sorta fabulous, to be up over the streets of Manhattan in a park-like setting. 

It was crowded (yes, it is a holiday weekend), but we had a great time. Homemade ice cream sammies, a random parakeet, great views.  The Highline is definitely worth the trip.

Speaking of Thing 1, I still have not ventured into his room, but today we had our first Sunday FaceTime call.  I guess it’s a bit of a family tradition–we (my siblings) all call my mother on Sunday.  And other days, of course, but when we went off to college, the Sunday phone call was the given.  So I told Thing 1 that at the very least, we would be talking on Sundays. Today’s call was probably the longest we’ve spoken in a very long time, but all appears well, and, best yet, he looks so content. And in the grand scheme of things, that’s the best you can hope for.


  1. What a good idea to create a Sunday Facetime tradition. Thanks for the Highline pics. I hope I’ll get even closer to it than you have. Love that you always have some projects on the go-there’s the running, the sewing, the knitting, the kids and oops, the dayjob in there somewhere too!

    • I can’t wait til our weather cools slightly–I have a feeling the Highline is a real treat in the autumn. oh, and thanks for reminding me about the day job–I had this nagging feeling that something was getting left out!

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