And thus begins the crazy

Ah, back to school. A bit of a let down in comparison to the excitement involved in getting a child off to college, but a milestone nonetheless.

Thing 3 started last Tuesday in grade 5:


We were lucky that summer decided to stick around with some humidity over the long Labor Day weekend and into the first few days of school.

Luna did not appreciate it:


Thing 2 started at her school on Thursday.


No, that’s not a wig. It’s an experiment that cannot be remedied until Sept. 19.  While her summertime bravado impressed her less than stellar town friends, I gather it was less than well-received amongst her school crowd.  She told me today she’d like to go back to “regular brown.”  This will most certainly surprise her hairdresser (who was thrilled to get a teenager actually willing to do something to the left of center with her hair), but it will please her father.  Me? I just wish she’d cut it short–she’s got too cute a face to hide it behind any color of hair.

And coinciding with the start of the school year is the crazy.  Already there has been a FB battle at Thing 3’s school about the new policy to not allow students to phone home for forgotten things (lunches, sneakers, musical instruments, homework), and in a huge fashion snafu, I discovered on Friday, after spending the entire day wondering what the hell I had forgotten, that I was not wearing a bra.  How. Does. That. Happen?

There’s been all sorts of crazy on the training front as well–after not sufficiently knocking on enough wood after posting about an injury free 8 months, my hip reared its angry head and started complaining…loudly.  My magician PT guy fixed me up, and I promptly turned around and went to my coached speed workout session at the track (offered by my running club).  I felt pretty good until my last 800, and the subsequent 4 x 400s were excruciating. The pain, though, did not affect my speed: my 800s were at 3:51, 3:48, 3:51 (goal time: 3:55)and my 400s were at 1:42, 1:48, 1:48 and 1:47 (goal time: 1:50).

That I could barely walk through the Bottle King to pick up my six pack did not make me panic (ok, well only a little)–I took two rest days and foam rolled the life out of my leg.  Enough so that by Saturday I got in my easy 6.

My bigger concern was my 14 mile “fast finish” on Sunday.  I had the option of moving this run to Saturday given that I had to be in the city for a 10 o’clock service on Sunday. But Saturday’s weather was hot and humid (80F with 95% humidity), whereas Sunday was to be more pleasant. So I opted for Sunday, complete with a 4:30am wake up, strapped on the blinky vest for the first time since spring, and headed out.

What a fabulous run–the first 11 miles in 2:04 and the last 3 at 9:27 pace. Albeit, I was hoping for a 9:10 for the last 3 miles, but given how miserable my last several long runs have been, I’ll take it. I feel like I’m in good shape for my 9/21 event.

After returning from the city, I took a nice nap and woke just in time for a 4pm trial rowing class at a local spin studio. I’ve always shied away from erg machines–my arm strength is so poor, but I am constantly on the lookout for interesting cross-training, so I sucked it up and went.  And boy I’m glad I did. Because I learned that rowing isn’t really all about the arms (although having them definitely helps), it’s leg strength.  And I’ve got that. Even after 14 miles. The very hot, young lycra-clad instructor told me I was a “natural,” so of course I will sign up for more.

Apparently, even after losing a Thing, the crazy just never lets up.


  1. Why is it they mess with their hair so? Madam 1 has had all colours and now her hair is in awful condition, left alone it curls beautifully.
    Wow your training is going so well, that sub 2 hour half will easily be yours.

  2. Just realising now your kids are at pretty similar stages to mine. Mind you, my training lags waaaaayyy behind yours. But, on the plus side for me, I’d never, ever forget to put on my bra! 😉

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