Hey September, don’t let that door hit you on the way out…

First, thanks all for the kind comments recently (re: both Thing 2 and 13.meh). It is heartening to feel that virtual support, and very much appreciated.

Chez Sato has been a bit subdued of late. Of course, there’s working through the Thing 2 muck, and then sadly, Thing 3 has decided she doesn’t like school. This from a child who has had perfect attendance since kindergarten. Thing 3 is a creature of habit, and is definitely in the “slow, but steady wins the race” category of student. All of sudden, though, her elementary school decided to have the 5th graders move about from classroom to classroom for their different subjects. She is at a loss. She likes to have a home base, her own desk, her own teacher. She’s got none of that this year, and it shows in her work, effort and attitude. Exactly what we need right now chez Sato, a crisis of confidence in our youngest, most enthusiastic member.

All of this has definitely put me in a bit of a funk.  The stuff I usually enjoy–blogging, sewing, knitting, running–well, I’ve been going through the motions, waiting (hoping?) for the mojo. It’s almost there. I think. And, as usual, it’s been the running that’s helped sort this out.

My BHG (big hairy goal) this year was a sub 2:00 half. Definitely do-able. I’ve put in the training, the speed work, the hills, the early mornings, the tempo runs. I got as close as 2:03 in the spring, and thought for sure everything would fall into place this fall, either in Jersey City or Hartford.

Well, Jersey City wasn’t quite the race I’d wanted. And last week when I laced up and jumped back into my training, my eyes were determined to make Hartford my b**ch. But something funny happened on the way to the forum, I realized I just want a good run. Yeah, the competitive scrabble player in me HATES abandoning this goal so late in the game, but I think it’s the right call.

September has definitely overstayed its welcome. October just can’t get here soon enough. We–the collective Satos–have all had a sucky month.  The Mister and I are learning that the airlines are right–we need to put on our oxygen masks first before we can help our littles.  And for me, that oxygen mask is a lovely romp through Hartford, sans time goal.




      • Oh I can imagine, it’s rubbish when they change things like this , why don’t they realise most kids (and adults ) don’t cope well with change, hope the school are being supportive of her and you

  1. The thing is though, that adapting to change is an important life skill, though just as difficult to deal with as it is for us parents to avoid always jumping in to smooth the path over for our kids. I’m hoping the school had a very good reason for making that change and that your girl will settle in time.

    • I think other parents would vote me “least likely to jump in,” and we’re (T3 and the Mister & me) are making adjustments. She’s not as instantly quick on the uptake as T1 and T2 were, she’s more of a plodder, so we just have to be a bit more diligent about starting homework earlier, taking regular breaks, etc. We’ll get there eventually; but i just want her to maintain her love of school in the meanwhile.

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