my inner geek

Today was a day all about channeling my inner geek.  And to play the role of the admiring friend stuck in the realm of “omg, I knew her when…”

Today was the unveiling of the Edgar Allan Poe statue in Poe Square in Boston.

For those not in the know, Poe was rather itinerant, but Baltimore lays the most claim to him. However, New York, Philly, and Sullivan’s Island (South Carolina) also have a stake. Boston, however, was his birthplace, and a city to where he traveled regularly as many of his works were published there.  The Poe statue was the result of a grad student’s asking her professor on the eve of the bicentennial of his birth why there wasn’t more of Poe in Boston, and that professor’s diligence in trying to rectify the situation.

And this is where my inner geek just went “squeeeeeee”

  • this was an amazing grass-roots, public art project. Paul Lewis (the aforementioned professor and VP of the Poe Studies Association) galvanized the city of Boston to name a square, commissioned the Poe statue and basically got this entire project to fruition. Kudos to people with vision.
  • the pre-unveiling ceremony and ceremony itself were rife with poetry and music. Poe was a writer who fell in the “art for art’s sake” camp,  and to hear his words read aloud is just always magical.
  • it is absolutely amazing to see a friend recognized for her talent.  And it’s about time the world got to see this too.
  • Robert Pinsky. Former US poet laureate. ‘Nuff said. (I’ve always been a huge fan girl of his).

Here are some photos from the day. During her presentation, Steff walked us through the (laborious) process of bringing a model statue to life-size.  Let’s just say it’s a process.

This was a good day.


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