Squeaking by

I finished Ravello today.  This is what’s left over:


As a result, one sleeve is a skosh shorter than the other.  About 4 rows shorter. Nothing a good blocking can’t fix.

Here’s the end result (please don’t notice the shorter sleeve):

IMG_2889 IMG_2886

I’m happy enough with it. The body length is good and long.  I’ll make do with the wonky sleeve (it’s my right sleeve so I’ll just keep moving that arm a lot, so noone can catch the discrepancy). Not so sure about the boatneck though, my fear of guillotines and vampires notwithstanding. I will definitely need some sort of cowl to make this sweater wearable in the winter.

What I’m super-duper proud of is that I actually finished Ravello even as this was singing its siren song:


I know exactly what I’m going to do with it, and (spoiler alert) it will not leave my neck exposed.

The knitting is helping me keep my mind off my knee–it’s still a bit wonky and achy when I walk.  I did 5 miles last wednesday, which felt ok during the run, but really hobbled me afterwards.  Another visit to the PT and it’s feeling better, but still achy.  My GP’s practice recently brought in a sports med doc whom I saw before Hartford.  Her diagnosis was the pes anserine bursitis, and she ordered x-rays to make sure nothing else was going on.  I got the x-rays done last week, and she’s called me in to discuss some osteoarthritis in the medial compartment.  Of course I googled that, and it’s not so promising.  But I’m not going to get worked up until after I see her (next week).  So instead of spending the next week with Dr. Google and worst case scenarios, I suspect I will have another finished sweater.

The frustrating bit to all of this is that IT’S. FINALLY. FALL. Finally. My favorite running season.  And again I’m on the sidelines.  Hopefully not for long, but even one day feels like too long.

Time to break out those needles.


  1. I feel your pain (literally!), I have runners knee that I am just trying to baby until the Philadelphia half marathon is over. I absolutely love your sweater, I wish I was as prolific a knitter as you!

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